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Colorado Couple Claims to Spot "Bigfoot" from a Train

Just once we'd like Bigfoot to pose for a glamour shot.

By Cassidy Ward

The legend of Bigfoot, otherwise known as Sasquatch, has been a part of North American folklore for centuries, predating the arrival of Europeans on the continent. Over the centuries, countless people have reported encountering a large ape-like creature in the wilderness, tall and lumbering, a missing link between humans and our ape cousins.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot has inspired a growing number of movies ranging from horror flicks like Primal Rage and Abominable (both streaming on Peacock) to family classic Harry and the Hendersons, in which a suburban family finds and makes friends with the elusive sasquatch. While Bigfoot has starred in dozens of Hollywood films, his real world counterpart (if one exists) is legendarily camera shy. However, a couple celebrating their anniversary recently captured video of the alleged creature from the window of an antique train.

Anniversary Train Ride Crashed by Famous Cryptid Bigfoot

Shannon and Stetson Parker celebrated their 10-year anniversary on October 8, with a ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. As the name suggests, the train runs from Durango to Silverton and back again, offering a scenic view of Colorado’s historic landscape.

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On the return trip, Shannon asked Stetson to help her look for elk in the nearby mountains, when he saw something weird moving in the brush, according to a Facebook post. Another rider grabbed their phone and started recording while Shannon took pictures. The video (which you can check out here) and a few still images were posted together on social media.

In a brief 18-second video, witnesses watch through the train window as a bipedal creature walks a few steps in the distance. The video, zoomed in and shaky, lacks much detail. Whatever was walking in the Colorado mountains appeared vaguely humanoid but not quite human. After a few seconds of walking, the creature squats on the ground and appears to rock gently back and forth. In a squatting position, it blends almost perfectly into the background.

Shannon’s photos have the benefit of holding still, but they are still grainy and low quality. Still, you can make out vague facial features, but little more. While Shannon and Stetson are convinced by their eyewitness sighting, others have expressed skepticism.

Commenters have suggested it could be a person wearing a ghillie suit, the kind regularly worn by hunters wanting to blend in. That said, if it was a hunter, the video shows no indication of a weapon or any other supplies you might need while hiking alone in the wilderness. Others suggest it may have been a prank perpetrated on the train passengers to stunning effect. And others believe it really was the fabled sasquatch roaming the wilderness alone.

We don’t know if you can see Bigfoot in Colorado, but we do know you can see him right now, on Peacock!

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