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Comics: Ghostbusters celebrates 35 years; DC teases new imprints; Oeming launches Dick Tracy series

By Matthew Jackson
Ghostbusters 35 Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters will celebrate 35 years with new comics, DC is teasing two new young readers imprints, and a superstar creator is launching a new Dick Tracy series, all in today's comic book roundup. Let's get to the news.

The iconic sci-fi/horror/comedy franchise Ghostbusters turns 35 this year, and while we've already had the announcement of a new movie, we're also getting new comics courtesy of IDW Publishing. The publisher announced Friday that it plans to release a different Ghostbusters comic every week this April, and each of the four books will feature a different team from throughout the franchise. 

“Since 2008, IDW has published an amazing library of ‘Busters from multiple dimensions and times, written and illustrated by a diverse crew of mega-talented creators… so what better way is there to celebrate this special anniversary than by showing off the eclectic cast from Ghostbusters projects far and wide?” Senior Editor Tom Waltz said in a press release. “Fans, old and new, can again expect the best of the best in full four-color, SLIMERRIFIC glory!”

The upcoming titles are Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Ghostbusters (focusing ont he original movie team) from writer Erik Burnham and artist Dan Schoening, Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Real Ghostbusters (focusing on the classic '80s cartoon team) from writer Cavan Scott and artist Marcelo Ferreira, Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Answer The Call Ghostbusters (focusing on the 2016 reboot team) from writer Devin Grayson and artist S.L. Gallant, and Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Extreme Ghostbusters (focusing on the next generation of Ghostbusters) from writers Jim Beard and Keith Dallas and artist Tim Lattie. Check out the covers for each of the stories in the gallery below. 

Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 4, and DC Comics is planning to use the event as a platform to tease its two new young readers imprints, DC Zoom (for middle grade readers) and DC Ink (for young adult readers). To do this, two of DC's Free Comic Book Day offerings will feature sneak peek chapters from upcoming young reader graphic novels.

For DC Ink, that means a free chapter from Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale, an original graphic novel from writer Lauren Myracle and artist Isaac Goodhart. The full graphic novel will hit stores on May 7, which means this teaser will show up just in time for you to see if it's something you'll be into. This particular release will also include a peak at the upcoming Teen Titans: Raven graphic novel, which hits stores in July . 

Under the Moon Free Comic Book Day

Over on the DC Zoom side, readers will get two free chapters, starring Superman and Hawkgirl, of Dear Justice League, a middle grade graphic novel from writer Michael Northrop and artist Gustavo Dante. That full graphic novel will be released August 6. Check out the Free Comic Book Day cover below.

Dear Justice League Free Comic Book Day

Ghostbusters isn't the only major franchise getting new stories from IDW in April. The publisher also announced Friday that superstar writer and artist Michael Avon Oeming (Powers) will take on one of comics' greatest detectives with Dick Tracy Forever

The new four-issue miniseries will feature Tracy taking on a case that "defies all notions of space and time," as he continues his relentless quest to work for truth and justice no matter the odds, no matter the era. 

"I've gotten to write and draw most of my bucket list characters, from The Spirit to Batman and more, but I never dreamed that Dick Tracy would even be a possibility. It feels completely natural and I cannot wait to show why he's such a relevant character for all times," Oeming said in a press release.

Check out one of Oeming's covers for Dick Tracy Forever below, and be on the lookout for the new series this spring.

Dick Tracy Forever cover