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Comics: Jane Foster is Marvel's new Valkyrie; Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman team up

By Matthew Jackson
Jane Foster Valkyrie

Hot on the heels of the latest developments in War of the Realms, Marvel Comics has announced plans to give Jane Foster another epic Asgardian role — one that might be even cooler than her stint as Thor. 

**Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for War of the Realms #2 below.**

Marvel announced back at C2E2 that a new Valkyrie comics series will launch this July from writers Jason Aaron and Al Ewing, but they revealed very little else. Thursday that changed, when the publisher revealed that the new series — with interior art by Cafu and covers by Mahumud Asrar — will star Jane Foster, who will take on the Valkyrie mantle after Brunnhilde and the rest of the Valkyries were slaughtered by Malekith's army in War of the Realms #2

Of course, without the Valkyries, there is no access to Valhalla, so Jane must assume this role to be both a new form of Asgardian warrior and to help fallen Asgardian heroes make their way to Valhalla. 

"It's not like the old Valkyrie. Brunhilde is available for consultation occasionally, but she no longer belongs to the world of the living — so Jane's mostly on her own," Ewing said. "That said, she does have something not seen before in the world of Asgard — UNDRJARN THE ALL-WEAPON, forged in the fires of the Realm-War, that can change its shape and be whatever the wielder needs — including wings! Which doesn't necessarily mean no more flying horse, but I'm getting ahead of myself..."

Foster was famously transformed into the new, female Thor back in 2014, after Thor Odinson was suddenly and mysteriously unworthy to wield Mjolnir. Thor has since gotten his hammer back, but Jane has been a vital part of Aaron's Asgardian stories ever since. Now, she gets to step into a new superhero role.

Valkyrie #1 arrives this July. Check out Asrar's cover for the first issue below.

Jane Foster Valkyrie

One of the most beloved superhero comics' writers of all time is in need of help yet again, and his brother has launched a fundraising appeal to fans. 

Bill Mantlo is one of the most prolific and reliable writers in the history of Marvel Comics. Among his many achievements, Mantlo is the co-creator of Rocket Raccoon and Clock and Dagger, as well a 75-issue run of Marvel's Rom: Spaceknight series, a 58-issue run on Micronauts, and the DC Comics crossover event Invasion. He was also the king of Marvel's fill-in writers, stepping in for other creators to deliver solid superhero stories time and time again.

In 1992, Mantlo was the victim of a hit-and-run crash that left him with severe brain trauma. He has required constant care ever since, and in the past his brother Michael Mantlo has turned to fundraising drives to raise money to help support Mantlo's ongoing care needs. This week, Michael Mantlo launched a GoFundMe campaign to help cover ongoing care needs for Bill Mantlo, as well as help him get out of the debt he's accrued during his own efforts to move Bill out of a nursing facility and into a home where he can live out the rest of his life.

"I have been attempting to bring my brother home from the nursing home he has been placed in for the last 10 years," Michael Mantlo wrote. "It has been a difficult struggle, filled with numerous pitfalls and obstacles, but I gave my word to him that I would do everything in my power to make it happen so that he could live out the rest of his life with dignity, and peace."

Mantlo's fundraising page is requesting $100,000 to ease his debt issues and help with Mantlo's ongoing care. Nearly 1,000 people have already donated more than $30,000 to Mantlo's cause.  It's worth noting here that one of Mantlo's creations is about to star in the biggest film of the year, Avengers: Endgame, and most of that money won't go to him. If you've enjoyed Mantlo's creations and have the means, consider helping him and his brother out.

Charlie's Angels are set to return to theaters later this year, but before they do, they'll have an adventure with another icon of '70s genre TV: The Bionic Woman.

Dynamite Entertainment announced Thursday that it will launched Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman, a comics miniseries set after both TV series' finales, this July. Written by Cameron DeOrdio with art by Soo Lee, colors by Addison Duke and lettering by Tom Napolitano, the series will feature the Angels encounter the Bionic Woman Jaime Sommers while on a mission. Whether their meeting will lead to violence or the discovery of a common enemy has yet to be revealed.

“Charlie’s Angels/Bionic Woman is a story about good people trying to do good things who end up at cross purposes," DeOrdio told The Hollywood Reporter. "We’ve made a spy comic, with sneaking around, exotic '80s tech and tense undercover infiltration, but it’s also about questioning the track you find yourself on and defining for yourself what’s right, even if it means turning your whole life upside down. I’m really excited to have Soo Lee onboard for this book. The way she draws both the Bionic Woman and the Angels perfectly captures their personalities, while also stylistically representing their differing perspectives."

Check back with SYFY WIRE for a closer look at Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman soon.

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