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Comics: New Silver Surfer series; Hulk reunion; and classic Star Wars reprint

By Matthew Jackson
Silver Surfer Black cover

The Silver Surfer is returning with a new miniseries, a classic Hulk team is launching a new Hulk, and Marvel's celebrating its 80th birthday with the release of a classic Star Wars reprint, all in our latest round of comics news.

We recently lost the Silver Surfer, or at least we thought we did. The Marvel Comics cosmic icon was sucked into a black hole by the Black Order in Guardians of the Galaxy, but now we get to find out what happened next.

Marvel announced Friday that writer Donny Cates (Guardians of the Galaxy) and artist Tradd Moore (All-New Ghost Rider) have teamed up for Silver Surfer: Black

“When Donny Cates wrote the first issue of the new Guardians of the Galaxy series, we both agreed that Silver Surfer’s adventure wasn’t going to end there, that there was still more story to be told about what happened to all the cosmic heroes that got sucked into the Black Order’s wormhole," Marvel editor Darren Shan said in a statement. "But Donny’s imagination really kicked into gear when artist Tradd Moore signed on! Readers won’t realize it, but Silver Surfer is a culmination of everything Donny has been writing since his Thanos run. And Tradd Moore is delivering some of the craziest visuals seen in a Marvel Comic today!”

Check out Moore's cover for the first issue below. Silver Surfer: Black #1 arrives in comic shops this June.

Silver Surfer Black cover

For 12 years in the 1980s and 1990s, writer Peter David crafted one of the longest runs in modern comics on The Incredible Hulk, redefining the character for countless fans and reshaping Hulk stories for every writer and artist that has come since. For two of those years — arguably the most celebrated of the run — David was collaborating with artist Dale Keown. Now, that fan-favorite creative team is reuniting for a new story that's part of Marvel's ongoing 80th anniversary celebration. 

According to CBR, David and Keown will reunite with Incredible Hulk: Last Call, a one-shot story that will feature Bruce Banner growing weary and tired of life as the dual being that is banner and the Hulk, only to then be confronted by a struggle "worthy" of Marvel's Jade Giant.

"It's great to be working with Dale again," David said. "Some of my favorite stories were produced during Dale's time on the book, and I endeavored to produce a story that would hit all the high points that fans remember from those days. I can't wait for the readers' reactions to the story."

Incredible Hulk: Last Call arrives in June. 

Speaking of Marvel's 80th anniversary, this celebration couldn't go by without a little celebration on the Star Wars front, and that will include some classic stories from back in the earliest days of comics from a galaxy far, far away.

Marvel also announced Friday that it will be reprinting a special facsimilie edition of Star Wars #50, the classic issue from writer Archie Williams and artists Al Williamson, Tom Palmer and Walter Simonson. This new reprint edition will be published complete with its original ads so you get the full experience of the original issue, but that's not the only reason Marvel's rolling it out. 

This May, Marvel is also releasing Star Wars #108, a direct sequel to the classic Star Wars #50 featuring new stories starring Jaxxon, Amaiza, Domina Tagge, Valance the Hunter, and more from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artists including Giuseppe Camuncoli, Luke Ross, Kerry Gammill, Andrea Broccardo, and more. 

So, if you're into classic Star Wars comics, be sure to look out for both of this issues this May, and check out the legendary Walt Simonson's cover for Star Wars #108 below.

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