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Comics: New Mutants head to space; Big Hero 6 arrives after 15-month wait; more

By Josh Weiss
New Mutants

Jonathan Hickman's House of X has had widespread repercussions for the X-Men, including the New Mutants. In their brand-new series from Hickman, Ed Brisson, and Rod Reis, the classic team is heading to outer space for an epic adventure.

"Even though we are telling a story about the classic New Mutants getting back together, the status of mutant-kind is so different," says editor Jordan D. White in the launch trailer below.

"We start Issue 1 with just sort of giving everyone the lay of the land, what life on Krakoa looks like and what it looks like for the New Mutants," adds Brisson. "We almost immediately send them off on a space adventure."

Chamber and Mondo join the traditional lineup of Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Karma, Magik, and Cypher.

New Mutants #1 is now on sale.

After a 15-month wait, IDW's Big Hero 6 comic is finally going on sale next week. Newsarama reports that the project was originally announced in 2018, and the series was meant to coincide with the launch of the Big Hero 6: The Series on Disney Channel.

For one reason or another, the comic was pushed off again and again, but no longer. The release was confirmed by IDW Associate Editor Elizabeth Brei on Twitter. 

Here's the official description of the long-awaited release:

Hiro, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Go Go are all off on a class trip for the day—leaving Fred at home to defend San Fransokyo! He’d better come up with a strategy, just in case—and what better way to do that than by writing his very own Big Hero 6 comic book!

Written by Hannah Blumenreich, the book was drawn by Nicoletta Baldari.

Next month, Superman's secret identity will be exposed to the world in Brian Michael Bendis' current run with the Man of Steel, but that doesn't mean the man known as Clark Kent will go quietly into that good night.

"I get why people would immediately think ... that Clark Kent just goes away," Bendis told The Washington Post. "Clark Kent is a huge part of who [Superman] is. It's who he grew up as. He's not giving it up. He's sharing it with people. He's saying, 'This is who I truthfully am. This is how I'm good at both jobs, and I want you to know that so we have a more honest relationship.'"

Superman #18

Fans will get to see how this plays out in "The Truth" arc, which unfolds across Issues #18 (on sale Dec. 11) and #19. Afterward, two one-shots — Superman: Heroes and Superman: Villains — will examine the impact of the reveal from the POVs of characters both good and bad.

"You have to remember most secret identities today don't exist in comics," Bendis added. "The Avengers don't have secret identities. People with secret identities [today] are people online who talk crap."