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From Powers of X to Lois Lane: 37 comics to watch out for this July

By Matthew Jackson
Marvel July 2019

Every month, SYFY WIRE combs the new-release listings for major comics publishers from Archie to Valiant and everywhere in between to bring you the comics you must look out for.

This month the onslaught of summer reading options continues to flow, with everything from major new crossover events to epic fantasy series debuts to the fallout from the latest superhero clash. Over at Marvel, that means numerous follow-ups to June's War of the Realms event, along with the end of Age of X-Man and the first round of Star Wars: Age of Resistance one-shots. Plus, Jonathan Hickman's much-anticipated run on the X-titles begins.

Over at DC's, Sean Murphy begins his second book in the Batman: White Knight saga, while superstar creators launch new books focused on Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane, and The Wild Storm finally ends its 24-issue epic. 

Plus Archie vs. Predator 2Knights TemporalBlack Hammer/ Justice LeagueBlade Runner 2019, and much, much more. 

Check out the comics you need to be on the lookout for this month. Oh, and if you got all excited for the finale of The Wicked + The Divine last month, it turns out those final two issues were rescheduled for July, so get excited all over again. 

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Marvel July 2019


HOUSE OF X #1 (OF 6)

(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Pepe Larraz

In Shops: Jul 24, 2019

SRP: $5.99


(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) R.B. Silva

In Shops: July 31, 2019

40 PGS./Rated T+ …$5.99

At long last, after a years-long run that enveloped the Fantastic Four and The Avengers and culminated in the Secret Wars event, Jonathan Hickman has returned to Marvel Comics, and this time he's taking on the X-Men. Hickman's run will begin with two interconnected limited series that kick off this July, both of which promise to introduce a "revolutionary" new X-Men saga, "changing the way you look at every X-Men story before and after." Exactly what that means is still largely a secret, but in just a few weeks we'll finally get to find out.

Marvel July 2019 5


In June, the massive Marvel event War of the Realms concluded, establishing a new status quo for Thor and many of his allies, and leaving behind a Marvel Universe that has to pick up the pieces. In July we'll see the beginnings of what's next. It all kicks off with War of the Realms Omega #1 (July 10), a wrap-up one-shot for the whole event, then we begin to see the new state of things for several associated characters. That includes a new Loki series (July 17), a new Valkyrie series starring Jane Foster (July 24), and new spinoff books starring Aero (July 3) and Sword Master (July 24). 

Marvel July 2019 9


(W) Mark Waid, Mattia De Iulis (A)

In Shops July 10 


Now that the Fantastic Four are back and firmly rooted in the main Marvel Universe again, Marvel creators are beginning to play with the First Family in new ways, and this month that takes the form of the first-ever limited series starring Sue Storm, written by longtime Fantastic Four writer Mark Waid. If you'd like to learn about the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. mission the Invisible Woman undertook years ago, and the consequences it might have now, you'll want to pick this book up.

Marvel July 2019 24


This month, after the wild adventure that was Infinity Warps, superstar Marvel creators will unite for yet another story that warps the Marvel Universe in ways you've never seen before. Secret Warps is all about the various strange character combos caused by an Infinity Gauntlet mishap, and if alternate versions of superheroes are what you're into, you'll want to get in on this. The story kicks off in Secret Warps: Soldier Supreme Annual #1 (July 3), then continues in Weapon Hex Annual #1 (July 10), Ghost Panther Annual #1 (July 17), Arachknight Annual #1 (July 24), and Iron Hammer Annual #1 (July 31). 

Marvel July 2019 73


In January, Marvel began publishing an ambitious, six-month alternate universe event in which its various X-Men characters got to see what life was like for mutants in a utopia generated by Nate Grey, aka X-Man. Now, Age of X-Man is finally coming to an end, with the concluding issues of various miniseries including Prisoner X (July 3), and Apocalypse & The X-Tracts (July 10). Then, the whole event concludes as the X-Men must reckon with "what they stand for" in Age of X-Man Omega #1 (July 17). 

Marvel July 2019 84


Since last December, Marvel has been publishing a steady stream of one-shots as part of a Star Wars maxi-series taking readers through various stories centered on characters in the Age of Republic, the Age of Rebellion, and now, the Age of Resistance. The era established by the sequel trilogy that began with Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally here, and that means new stories centering on fan-favorite characters from those films. The Age of Resistance stories will continue for the next three months, and in July we'll get one-shots starring Finn (July 3) and Captain Phasma (July 10), as well as an Age of Resistance special issue (July 31) focusing on various sequel trilogy characters. 

DC Comics July 2019 1


(W) Sean Murphy (A/CA) Sean Murphy

In Shops July 24, 2019


Sean Murphy is set to follow up on his acclaimed series Batman: White Knight this summer with an all-new miniseries that features the Joker teaming up with Azrael to bring an old Wayne family secret to light, and what comes out in the ensuing battle might change Gotham forever. If you were a fan of the gorgeously rendered White Knight saga already, you won't want to miss this. 

DC Comics July 2019 8


(W) Mikey Way, Shaun Simon (A/CA) Ilias Kyriazis

In Shops July 17, 2019


DC's Young Animal imprint is telling superhero stories unlike anything else on the stands right now, and that includes Collapser, a new miniseries about an anxious young man named Liam who gets a black hole in the mail. Yes, a guy gets a black hole in the mail, the black hole embeds itself in his chest, and he becomes a superhero. The question is: Why did it choose him, and what will the consequences be? If you're looking to shake up your superhero reading with something new, this sounds like a very wild ride.

DC Comics July 2019 9


(W) Gerard Way, Jeremy Lambert (A) James Harvey (CA) Nick Derington

In Shops: July 3, 2019


It's only been a few months, but if you've been craving the singular strangeness of the Young Animal version of Doom Patrol again, the wait is finally over. Writers Gerard Way and Jeremy Lambert return with a brand-new series that will take the team — including Robotman in his brand-new body of flesh — "beyond the borders of time and space." It's an exciting new chapter in the Doom Patrol story, and it's got the potential to go just about anywhere.

DC Comics July 2019 10


(W) Matt Fraction (A) Steve Lieber (CA) Ben Oliver

In Shops July 17, 2019


At long last, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen is back in his very own series, featuring fan-favorite writer Matt Fraction finally taking a little time to play in the DC Universe with the help of the great Steve Lieber on art duties. The series promises to be "a centuries-spanning whirlwind of weird that starts in Metropolis and ends in Gotham City," and given Fraction's singular talent for taking supporting characters (Hello Pizza Dog fans!) on unforgettable adventures, how could you not want a piece of this?

DC Comics July 2019 11


(W) Greg Rucka (A/CA) Mike Perkins

In Shops July 3


Greg Rucka knows how to write tough, brilliant women, and he's proven it with everything from Batwoman to Velvet in his acclaimed career. Now, Rucka takes on everyone's favorite ace reporter in a new series, as Lois Lane chases down a story that could reach the highest levels of international power, and threaten the future of her husband, Superman. It's another can't-miss book about one of DC Comics' most powerful non-superpowered characters.

The Wild Storm 24


(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Jon Davis-Hunt

In Shops July 3, 2019


More than two years ago, writer Warren Ellis and artist Jon-Davis Hunt set out to reimagine the WildStorm universe with a new story in a new world that happened to be populated with some familiar faces. The result was an epic, 24-issue journey that's all been building to this, a reimagining of Ellis' legendary superteam The Authority, and the conclusion of a saga that will continue to spawn upcoming Wild Storm spinoff series. 

Missing media item.


(W) Brian K. Vaughan (A) Matt Wilson (A/CA) Cliff Chiang

In Shops July 31, 2019


It seems unfair that Brian K. Vaughan should have two brilliant comics on the stands at the same time, but he's nonetheless managed to balance that with Paper Girls and Saga. This week the former, about a group of girls whose paper routes have been interrupted by a battle across time, will come to an end with what's being described as an "emotional" series finale. Paper Girls has been around just long enough that when it's gone, we'll still be craving more, and that feels like a good way to say goodbye.

Missing media item.


(W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Matteo Scalera

In Shops July 3, 2019


The hits just keep on coming over at Millarworld, and this time comics powerhouse Mark Millar is taking us to space for a tale of two women hellbent on revenge. Both women were successful interstellar thieves running heists across the universe, and both have since been betrayed by their crews. What happens next won't be pretty, but it will be a page-turner.

Dark Horse July 2019 6


(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Michael Walsh

In Shops July 10


If you've been craving a fun summer crossover event, it finally arrives this month when the Black Hammer gang meets The Justice League. It all kicks off with a strange arrival on both Black Hammer Farm and in the City of Metropolis, and things only get weirder when Starro shows up. Whether you're a longtime fan of the Black Hammer world or just an event comics junkie, this is worth a look. 

Dark Horse July 2019 18


(W) Aubrey Sitterson (A/CA) Fico Ossio

In Shops July 3, 2019


Billed as "the comic you always wanted" and inspired by Dragon Ball, this miniseries event asks the question: "What does a fighter do when there's no one left to fight?" Honestly, what more do you want of an adventure saga? The art and designs look great, the hook works, and it's a miniseries. That all spells fun summer reading. 

IDW July 2019 2


(W) Walter Simonson (A/CA) Walter Simonson

In Shops July 17, 2019


The legendary Walt Simonson remains the most influential and successful writer/artist to ever take on Marvel Comics' Thor, but in the years since his iconic run he's been telling other Thor stories in a different universe. Now, Simonson continues his epic Ragnarok run with a new story, in which Thor must journey into the land of the Dead. Simonson fans won't want to miss the next chapter of his latest fantasy saga.

BOOM July 1


(W) Sina Grace (A/CA) Siobhan Keenan

In Shops July 10, 2019


Moving to a new city is hard, particularly when you find yourself having to look for a new place while still recovering from a breakup. That's where the hook of this charming new series comes in. It's the story of a woman named Daphne who finds a rent-free living space that has a pool...and also a host of ghostly roommates. How will living with ghosts change Daphne's life, and will they help her get a leg up on life in Los Angeles? We can't wait to find out.

Archie July 3


(W) Alex De Campi (A/CA) Robert Hack

In Shops July 24, 2019


Back in 2015, we got one of the most unexpected and unexpectedly delightful crossover stories every told when the kids from Archie Comics met the Predator. Now we're getting an unlikely sequel from original series writer Alex de Campi, and Betty, Veronica, and Predator-Archie are about to discover an all-new version of Riverdale, including all-new versions of themselves. You won't want to miss this, because the only thing wilder than Archie vs. Predator is a sequel to Archie vs. Predator

Vault July 2019 2


(W) Jon Tsuei (A/CA) Audrey Mok

In Shops July 17


The Empire of Parsa is in trouble, as famine ravages the land and certain death seems to loom. In the midst of this, Princess Sera receives a vision: She must find the Royal Stars, and in restoring them to the sky save her people. If you're into epic quests and new fantasy worlds to explore, this new series from Vault Comics might be exactly what you're after this month. 

Missing media item.


(W) B. Clay Moore (A) Fernando Dagnino (CA) Jonboy Meyers

In Shops July 31, 2019


Valiant Entertainment is great about cranking out exciting new series with great hooks, and Killers is no different. It promises the story of five brilliant assassins — each of which is capable of channeling their ki energy to grant them incredible abilities — "recruited into a game of cat and mouse by the mysterious Jonin." But what does their new employer want, and what do they get in return? Find out in Valiant's latest series.

Aftershock July 1


(W) B. Clay Moore (A) Fernando Dagnino (CA) Jonboy Meyers

In Shops July 31, 2019


What if a medieval knight time-traveled? That's the hook at the center of this new AfterShock Comics series from writer Cullen Bunn (Harrow County) and artist Fran Galan. The series follows Auguste de Riviera, a knight who returns from the horrors of The Crusades with redemption on his mind, only to be transported to modern times when he begins pursuing an evil sorcerer. Cullen Bunn writing time-hopping chevaliers is something we all need a little more of.

Dynamite July 2


(W) Cameron Deordio (A) Soo Lee (CA) Cat Staggs

In Shops July 3, 2019. 


Charlie's Angels are returning for a new big-screen adventure this year, but before they do they'll meet up with another genre television icon for a brand-new mission. It's the Angels counterspying against The Bionic Woman in the 1980s, with the future of bionic technology at stake. What's not to love about that?

Titan July 2019 1


(W) Michael Green, Mike Johnson (A/CA) Andres Guinaldo

In Shops July 17, 2019


The Blade Runner universe continues this month thanks to a partnerships between Titan Publishing and Alcon Entertainment. It's 2019, and veteran Blade Runner Ash is investigating a new case revolving around the wife and child of a billionaire who were apparently kidnapped by Replicants. How this connects to the larger story of the Blade Runner world remains to be seen, but we can't wait to find out.