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Cookie Monster discovers internet cookies in hilarious Reddit AMA

By Adam Pockross
cookie monster

Sometimes the internet is actually everything Al Gore dreamt it could be. Yesterday was one of those days, as Reddit delivered perhaps its most thought-provoking, sincere, and revelatory AMA subject yet: Cookie Monster.

Yes, Sesame Street’s resident gourmand gave an Ask Me Anything for the ages, and divulged behind-the-Street morsels the likes we never knew we needed to know. In fact, before it even got started, we found out Cookie Monster also has a taste for bananas. 

Once the AMA got going, though, that’s when the revelations started coming by the mouthful. Like the fact that Cookie Monster never realized there was such a thing as internet cookies: “There cookies in internet? How me get to them?! Me hope they not get deleted...”

(Please note, all of Cookie Monster’s responses will make you smile all the bigger if you read them aloud in his voice.)

And we would have thought that residents of Sesame Street and the Muppets lived in a shared universe, even though they’re owned by different companies at this point, but Cookie Monster's response to someone’s question about which Muppet has the best cookie recipe has us wondering how Henson-aware he really is: “What a muppet? As far as cookie recipe me love cookies from Alan at Hooper's Store or me Mommy's recipe!”

The hits kept coming when Cookie Monster was asked how the rent is on Sesame Street nowadays: “Me think you confused.... Rent played on different street, me think Broadway?” Which caused one witty Redditor to note that it was probably “more expensive than Avenue Q.” Badumdum.

When asked about the size of his cookie collection, Cookie Monster probably echoed the sentiments of collectors everywhere: “Not very big. Me constantly run into problem of eating me collection!” 

But perhaps Cookie Monster’s finest answer was his shortest. When asked if he preferred cookies crispy or soft, he simply replied, “Yes.” 

While it looks like Cookie Monster housed pretty much the whole tray of cookies and only half his banana, the whole AMA thread is as tasty as you might imagine. So check it out here, then let us know in the comments what you found to be his most satisfying answers. 

(via Buzzfeed)