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Cospets: Cosplay for a time-traveling tortoise

By Elizabeth Rayne

When you think of a tortoise, an unbearably slow creature probably comes to mind … until you meet Rocket Larry.

Rocket Larry defies just about every stereotype of his species. His human, Christine Hilberg, told SYFY WIRE's Whitney Moore that Larry (who is named after comedic icon Larry David) got the whole rocket thing attached to his name after she realized he wasn't quite as slow as tortoises are rumored to be. He will plow through anything in his way and even turn over furniture just to get wherever he's going.

Speaking of where he's going, is Rocket Larry headed on a journey through time?

Christine is a true '80s baby who is a superfan of shows like Transformers and Quantum Leap, which are the inspirations she gave for Larry's costume. Sulcata tortoises like Larry can live up to potentially over a hundred years.

Because this creature is a real-life time traveler, costume designer Katheryn Renfroe channeled both '80s sci-fi nostalgia and Doctor Who when designing the ultimate cosplay for Larry.

Some pets aren't used to costumes — but not Larry. He's been everything from a burger to an Easter Bunny in cosplay adventures with his best friend, Christine's dog Puka. It's amazing Larry paused long enough for some of the pictures she shared. There's a shot of Puka licking a birthday cake on Larry's shell that will give you your recommended daily value of awwwwwwww.

Katheryn wanted to give something retro and futuristic at the same time, so she went with a steampunk contraption that easily straps on to his shell and also gives him room to grow, because he's not done growing yet. Reptiles that live just about forever grow throughout their lives.

If you want to find out what Larry ended up cosplaying as, you have to watch the video!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.