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Cospets Episode 1: Hannah Hart's cat cosplays a space sheriff


Although cosplay has exploded in popularity within the last few years, it's not a new phenomenon. Fans have been cosplaying as their favorite characters at comic cons for decades. However, the cospet movement is relatively new. Some pet owners rarely resist the chance to dress up their furry companions. But to actually make a pet cosplay is taking fandom to another level.

In the first episode of SYFY WIRE's Cospets, host Whitney Moore welcomes comedian and YouTube personality Hannah Hart to the studio. Hannah graciously volunteered her cat, Charles, to be the first-ever subject of Cospets. And if we’re being honest, Charles looks like he'd rather beam to anywhere else in the universe ... although for a cat, he took the cosplay in relative stride.

Hart explained to us the significance of Charles' name, which comes from both the X-Men's Charles Xavier and Hart's appreciation for Star Trek: The Next Generation's Patrick Stewart. That shared legacy is why Charles was destined to become a space sheriff. His outfit even includes nods to the X-Men and some additional sci-fi trappings.

Designer Katheryn Renfroe was also a guest in this episode, as she personally assembled all of the elements for Charles' costume. She even walked us through a few of her design decisions, as well as the process of creating a little badge for Charles to wear. Charles' rocket was also made from lightweight material to keep the outfit from putting any undo strain on his body. 

To check out Charles' new space sheriff costume, check out the entire episode of Cospets!