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Cospets episode 5: Lilly Singh's dog becomes the King in the North


Welcome back to Cospets, the SYFY WIRE original series where we turn pets into superheroes and more! For Episode 5, our special guest is YouTube superstar Lilly Singh. Next month, Lilly is getting her own late night TV show on NBC. But first, Lily is introducing us to Scarbro, her beloved canine companion.

Lilly also shared the origin story of how Scarbro came into her life. In a roundabout way, Lilly was inspired to get a dog by the CEO of Google. Scarbro also turned out to be the perfect candidate for Cospets, because Lilly constantly dresses him in outfits of her own design. This allowed Scarbo to become far more comfortable with his clothing than some other animals.

You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Scarbro is apparently in a feud with his local garbage man. He seems like a perfect protector for Lilly, which is why our resident designer, Katheryn Renfroe, decided to give Scarbro a Game of Thrones-inspired outfit. He's the new King in the North. But if he has any sense, Scarbro should avoid any dog weddings that are on his schedule.

Katheryn also took the time to show us some of the steps she took while creating Scarbro's costume, including a particularly interesting trick to give his outfit a chainmail look. Since Scarbro is part of House Singh, it was only appropriate that Lilly's logo (or should we say House Sigil?) was also prominently featured in his outfit.

To get a glimpse of Scarbro in his full King in the North costume, check out the full video!