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Cospets: Watch a diva of a dog get transformed into the most glamorous superhero ever


What does a dog who's an Instagram star and a straight-up diva cosplay as?

When Chloe Chung adopted a ball of black fur she initially called Trixie, she had no idea that pooch would grow up to be the canine queen who goes by MisTricks. SYFY WIRE's Whitney Moore could already tell MisTricks was a real personality the moment she met her — never mind they had (almost) matching hairstyles.

This wonderdog is now an Instagram model who has already had her glamorous self photographed wearing a very Coachella flower crown, flamingo sunglasses, a Hawaiian lei, and what can only be described as a psychedelic mermaid outfit, though not all at once. She's almost always wearing some sort of sunglasses, because she's that fabulous. When she posed next to a row of mannequins with wigs, she clearly had the best hair.

MisTricks is so extra, she needed a costume to match that personality. She's a total girly girl who loves pink and is saving the world by advocating for rescue pets everywhere. Of course she needed to turn into a superhero who would blind any villains with glam. Costume designer Katheryn Renfroe had something pink, glittery, but still totally badass in mind for MisTricks. Do a cape and a tutu go together? They do now.

Someone as showy as MisTricks was just begging for the girliest superhero costume ever, so Katheryn put together a pink and purple fantasy that her furry, flashy subject would have probably asked for herself if she could talk. Let's just say it involved shiny fabrics, bows, the sparkliest mask ever, and yes, a tutu. She even got her own super-symbol in the process.

If you want to find out how this doggie diva transformed into a glamazon warrior, you have to watch the video!

Slay, MisTricks, slay.