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SYFY WIRE cosplay

Day 1 Cosplay of NYCC 2021: Star Wars, Doctor Doom and... Jedi Shrek (?!) lead Thursday's looks

By Trent Moore
NYCC Cosplay Day 1 Pic 24

New York Comic Con is back in action this year, and SYFY WIRE has picked out some of the coolest, wildest and mashup-iest fan cosplay that could be found roaming the show floor at the Javits Center in New York City.

Not surprisingly, Star Wars and superhero costumes were out in full supply, along with plenty of self-made characters, Norse gods and even some fun mash-ups combining a few of our favorite franchises. There was also a ... rather convincing spin on Feeddy Krueger and a few X-Men that could've strolled right out of Fox's movie-verse (may it rest in peace). 

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Check out all the cosplay highlights below!