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SYFY WIRE James Cameron

Exclusive Cult-tastic clip: Roger Corman talks giving James Cameron his start

By Jacob Oller
Cult-tastic: Tales From The Trenches with Roger and Julie Corman still

B-movie legends Roger and Julie Corman have helped a lot of careers over the course of their own prolific treks through the film industry — with legends like Francis Ford Coppola owing them for early jobs. But one of their most famous finds is a former trucker who became one of the greatest creators of science fiction in the world. James Cameron himself got his start doing effects work on a Corman production, and thanks to the upcoming documentary series Cult-tastic: Tales From the Trenches with Roger and Julie Corman, fans can get the details from the source.

From creators Ashley and Robert Sidaway, the upcoming Shout! Factory TV series focuses on the wide-sweeping careers of the Cormans over 13 episodes. B-movies, genre schlock, and frugal decision-making will be par for the course. But the story of Jim Cameron's breakout effects work on 1980's Battle Beyond the Stars was itself an event so fortuitous that it could've happened thanks to a wish upon a lucky star. That's clear in SYFY WIRE's exclusive clip from the series below, which shows Corman explaining how Cameron ended up getting the gig.

Take a look:

Of course, the "ace assistant" in question, Gale Anne Hurd, would go on to champion Cameron's work again and again, including producing The Terminator and Aliens.

That's just one of the many nuggets that Cult-tastic has been sharing since its first trailer debuted, and it promises plenty more when the docu-series hits the small screen.

Cult-tastic hits Shout Factory TV’s Amazon Prime and Roku premium channels Nov. 15.