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D23: Star Wars panel highlights


Did you think we'd go to D23 and miss the epic Star Wars panel that brought out more than one reveal from a galaxy far, far away?

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy made sure all the aliens (and humans) in the audience got something to be thrilled about. She was even wearing a Star Wars tee with her pantsuit, proving she's just as much of a fan as everyone in the audience who was dying to know what's what with Episode IX, The Mandalorian, the fate of The Clone Wars, and whether Ewan McGregor would be more than just a Force Ghost.

Everything Star Wars will be on Disney+. Everything. That means every movie that exists so far and every live-action and animated show, so if you thought getting a membership was just about Mickey Mouse, think again. Speaking of animated, Clone Wars fans are going to be flying high after this one. Kennedy just announced that (after impassioned fan pleas) the series is coming back exclusively to Disney+ in February 2020.

We did say that a membership was totally worth it for hardcore Star Wars fans, right?

Even after all the fatalities of Rogue One, two of the alums are now going to reprise their roles from that movie in their own spy series spinoff. Diego Luna, whose alter ego is Cassian Endor, and Alan Tudyk, who is, in Kennedy’s words, "the wisecracking Imperial droid" K-2SO, will be returning to that world. So what if they weren't really allowed to talk too much about it? Just knowing that they have risen from the ashes of Scarif and that the series is in pre-production is enough for now.

Wait until you see the entire cast of The Mandalorian on stage. As Kennedy said, they all just look like they belong in the Star Wars universe. They aren't even the only ones. Someone else may or may not be reappearing out of space, but you have to watch the video to find out who!

This article was contributed to by Elizabeth Rayne.