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D23: The Mandalorian cast tells us about their new Star Wars show


For the first time ever, there's a live-action Star Wars series coming our way. The Mandalorian trailer got our collective geek hearts pumping at D23 this weekend. Naturally, SYFY WIRE was on hand to catch up with the cast of the Disney+ original series, and they weren't shy about sharing some details.

First, the Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal, admitted that it hasn't quite sunk in what a big deal the show is for Star Wars fans.

"I'm getting told [by] every single person I speak to, so I am processing it as the day goes on," said Pascal. "I saw the movies in the movie theater as a child. We were the first generation with all of the toys and the bedsheets. To have someone as brilliant as Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni to invite me into project of theirs that is breaking new ground ... I'm in good company."

Former Breaking Bad baddie Giancarlo Esposito is so new to Star Wars that perhaps no one told him to keep his secrets. He opened up to us about his new character.

"I play Moff Gideon," admitted Esposito. "I play a guy who [was] an Imperial leader before the Empire fell. What we don't know when we first meet him is how much knowledge he has. He has knowledge of everything and seems to know everyone's movements. ... Big brain, very very smart."

Additionally, we got a chance to speak with both Dave Filoni and newly announced cast member Ming-Na Wen. While Wen wouldn’t tell us who she is playing, she couldn't resist offering at least one hint. For those details and more, check out the full video!