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WIRE Buzz: Dampyr adaptation; Vader Immortal Episode III release date; more

By Jacob Oller
Vader Immortal - Episode III - Confrontation

What better way to spend Halloween than by fighting the surge of monsters and vampires out among humanity today? That’s the cause of comic star Harlan, the Dampyr, who is getting his first big-screen adaptation.

Variety reports that Dampyr, the comic from Mauro Boselli and Maurizio Colombo (written by Giovanni Masi, Alberto Ostini, and Mauro Uzzeo), is being adapted into a film by director Riccardo Chemello. With a $12 million budget and a star already attached (Wade Briggs will star as the half-vampire), Dampyr is set to begin production.

With the film only tackling the first two comics in the 300-issue series, there’s plenty of material left on the table if the story is a hit — in fact, Variety’s report already calls the film the planned debut of the “Bonelli Cinematic Universe.” This references Italian comic company Sergio Bonelli Editore, which is co-producing the film.

Briggs’ half-supernatural monster hunter will wander the ‘90s Balkans alongside characters like Emil Kurjak (Stuart Martin), Tesla (Frida Gustavasson), Gorka (David Morrissey), Yuri (Sebastian Croft), and Draka (Luke Roberts).

Production has begun in Romania and will film for 11 weeks.

Next, a beloved Star Wars series is coming to an end ... right before the MOST beloved Star Wars series comes to an end at the end of the year. Before The Rise of Skywalker, Anakin has some things he needs to tie up in Vader Immortal’s final episode.

According to a release, ILMxLAB will release Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series - Episode III on Nov. 21, wrapping up the David S. Goyer-written Oculus Quest and Rift series. Over the course of the series, players and their droid ZO-E3 (Maya Rudolph) have been recruited by Darth Vader in his Mustafar castle. Once a smuggler, now a potential hero, the ending of the series will allow the final confrontation with the iconic villain.

The Ben Snow-helmed Episode III promises players the Force and a lightsaber as they fight their way up the tower to an ultimate lightsaber duel with Vader himself. Along the way, they’ll get the chance to try out blasters and thermal detonators on the various Imperial forces attempting to stop them.

Vader Immortal lets us do things we, as fans, have always dreamed of,” said producer Alyssa Finley. “Not only can you fight with a lightsaber, now you can use the Force to grab a blaster and take down stormtroopers, all before confronting Darth Vader face to face. There’s nothing like being at the center of a proper Star Wars adventure.”

The Oculus VR series comes to a close on Nov. 21.

Finally, a Stephen King favorite — but no, not one by the horror master — is getting an adaptation. King’s had plenty of adaptations in the past year alone, but the author is also well known for plucking genre gems for his loyal fanbase to enjoy. One of these is Belgian supernatural crime series Hotel Beau Séjour, which is now getting a remake.

According to Deadline, the Netflix-streaming, Flemish-language show is getting a new version thanks to Sky. Presumably, it’ll still involve a ghost in a small town trying to solve her own murder ... though it'll likely get a new name. Regardless of who the series will star and where it will take place, the core concept is solid. Even Stephen King gave the series his golden seal of approval back in 2017:

“Eccentric, brilliant, and strangely touching. Supernatural fare for those who don’t ordinarily like it,” he posted. It doesn’t get much better than that from one of the premier voices in genre. 

No word when the adaptation of Hotel Beau Séjour begins production.