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Danny Boyle's Bond 25 experience may have put him off franchise films forever

By Jacob Oller
Danny Boyle

Since director Danny Boyle's very public departure from 007's upcoming outing, the news around Bond 25 has continued to be rather messy. Injuries and explosions followed an exhaustive replacement process. It's no wonder that failing to work through those "creative differences" turned Boyle off franchise movies for the time being. It is surprising, however, that it seems to have done it for good.

Speaking to Metro to support his latest film, Yesterday, Boyle explained that his departure from Bond — after he and producers clashed over the involvement of screenwriter John Hodge — led to a personal reevalutation.

Check it out:

"I probably learned my lesson really, that I'm really not cut out [for franchise films.] Otherwise you’re digging in the same hole," Boyle said. "I am better not quite in the mainstream franchise movies, I think probably is the honest answer."

Boyle has only ever made one sequel (T2 Trainspotting) and likes working with familiar collaborators. Bond 25 features all sorts of writers (including Phoebe Waller-Bridge) underneath replacement director Cary Fukunaga, and that's the large-scale, too-many-cooks creative kitchen that Boyle wanted to avoid. Now, however, it seems like he may be removing himself from future conversations entirely in order to better focus on the kinds of movies he likes making.

Meanwhile, 007 still chugs along, as Daniel Craig recently headed back into production on Bond 25 (after suffering an ankle injury on set) en route to an Apr. 8, 2020 release.