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The Penguin himself, Danny DeVito, will write a new Penguin story for DC Comics' upcoming Villains anthology

By Matthew Jackson
Danny DeVito

It's not every day that the star of a comic book movie gets to apply their talents on the page to a character they've inhabited on the big screen. It's a rare feat, something that feels even less likely after nearly 30 years have passed, but Danny DeVito is pulling it off this fall.

As part of its new round of solicitations for comics releasing this November, DC Comics announced Friday that DeVito has written a new story starring the character he brought to the big-screen in Batman Returns, The Penguin. The story will appear in November's Gotham Villains Anniversary Giant #1, and will be drawn by Dan Mora, who's been bringing Gotham to life in the pages of Detective Comics over the past few months.

Details of the story are being kept under wraps for the moment, but in the preview pages below, you'll see that DeVito's story does re-team Penguin with his old (one-sided) flame from Batman Returns, Catwoman. Mora's art has even taken on quite a bit of a Batman Returns flavor, as you see Oswald Cobblepot sporting a similar shape and certain wardrobe hallmarks that call the film to mind. Check it out:

Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant arrives in time to celebrate anniversaries of some of Batman's most iconic foes, including 80 years of The Penguin and The Scarecrow, 70 years of Killer Moth, 50 years of Ra's al Ghul, and more. In addition to DeVito and Mora, the all-star lineup includes writers like Joshua Williamson, G. Willow Wilson, and Phillip Kennedy Johnson, alongside artists like Jill Thompson, Christian Ward, Emma Rios, and many more.

Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant arrives Nov. 30.