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Dark Horse Comics ends relationship with editor Scott Allie after new sexual assault allegations

By Matthew Jackson
Dark Horse Comics logo

Dark Horse Comics announced late Wednesday that it will no longer work in any capacity with longtime editor Scott Allie after a former Dark Horse employee accused him of sexual harassment and retaliation during her time at the company. 

"Effective immediately, Dark Horse Comics will not be working with Scott Allie now or in the future," the publisher said in a statement posted to social media. "We apologize to fans, creators and employees for all the damage and hurt Scott has caused. His removal from every Dark Horse project will be followed by sincere and active change."

As of 2017, Allie was no longer employed by Dark Horse full-time, but had continued to work as a freelance editor on high-profile projects including The Umbrella Academy and Mike Mignola's universe of supernatural titles, including Hellboy

Dark Horse announced the break with Allie after Shawna Gore, a former Dark Horse publicist and editor, posted a lengthy statement to Twitter Wednesday night in which she detailed Allie's physical sexual assault of her in the back of a minivan during a Dark Horse convention trip in 1999. Gore went on to describe "a pattern of chronic, escalating, unchecked abuse" over the course of her 14 years at the company, which included repeated attempts by Allie to begin a sexual relationship with her, as well as reassigning major projects to other editors at the company after she refused. 

You can read Gore's full account (Content warning: sexual assault) on her Twitter page

Gore's statement was eventually supported by numerous creators and former Dark Horse staffers, including Jay Edidin, Roxy Polk, Rhiannon Rasmussen, Michael Avon Oeming, and Mike Mignola, who announced that he would be ending his working relationship with Allie effective immediately. Following Mignola's announcement, Dark Horse released their own statement promising to end all work with Allie. 

As many pointed out as events unfolded Wednesday night, this is not the first time Allie has been accused of assault. In 2015 he publicly apologized after a story broke that he groped a writer during a San Diego Comic-Con party earlier that year, but remained employed at Dark Horse. That same year, Allie was moved to an executive editor role at Dark Horse before ending full-time employment with the company in 2017. Now, his time at Dark Horse is apparently over for good.