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SYFY WIRE Resident Alien

Dr. Harry returns this fall in Dark Horse's new Resident Alien miniseries, 'Your Ride's Here'

By Jeff Spry
RA Hero

With a highly anticipated live-action adaptation coming from SYFY starring Firefly's Alan Tudyk, Dark Horse Comics' Resident Alien comic property is entering a new chapter with this fall's ambitious six-issue miniseries, Resident Alien: Your Ride's Here (Nov. 11)  — and SYFY WIRE is delivering an exclusive look at the premiere issue cover alongside comments by its acclaimed creative and editorial team.

Centering around the quirky Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, a stranded extraterrestrial seeking refuge in the tiny village of Patience, Washington and assumes the role of a hometown physician who gets embroiled in a dangerous local murder mystery. Resident Alien's serialized installments arrived back in 2011 as a Dark Horse Presents release, when it immediately became a cult favorite before graduating to its own title the following year.


“I'm so happy to be working on this final volume before our babies fly the nest and make their way in the big world of television," teases Parkhouse. "I'll miss them all, except maybe Delbert. You'll find revelations and surprises in this volume that even I wasn't expecting. And make sure you catch the show... it's gonna be a doozy!” 

In the brand new series, Dr. Harry has learned a great deal about himself and the possibility that other aliens might have been stranded on planet Earth. Now he just needs to figure out what to do with Honey, the sole resident of Patience who actually sees him in his true alien form, as well as deal with his feelings toward Asta, his best friend. Harry’s been marooned in this small town pretending to be a human doctor for so long that loneliness has invaded.

RA Slice

"Resident Alien: Your Ride’s Here is volume 6 in our main alien Harry’s adventures," series editor Philip Simon tells SYFY WIRE. "Harry is caught, his greatest fears are realized, and someone’s definitely abducted. This new series is the culmination of a partnership between Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse that began about 10 years ago and first started appearing in the pages of Dark Horse Presents in 2011. It’s the finale to what the team has been referring to as “Harry's First Arc” — and we’ve been calling the upcoming volume 6 "the end of Harry’s First Arc” since we were working on volume 3.

"There’s more to tell after this coming series, but there will be a strange "new status quo" for Harry after Your Ride’s Here. Now that he’s decided to settle down in Patience, USA, of course everything he’s set him mind to do will go askew."

Dark Horse's Resident Alien: Your Ride's Here #1 lands in comic shops Nov. 11.