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The Dark Phoenix cast show off their power moves on the Graham Norton Show

By Andrea Ayres
Sophie Turner demonstrates Jean Grey's power move on The Graham Norton Show

The rise of Dark Phoenix is almost upon us. The cast are busy making their final press rounds in preparation for the film's June 7 release. X-Men cast members Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender, Jessica Chastain, and James McAvoy appeared on The Graham Norton Show to discuss the film and how the actors portray their superpowers.

The popular BBC talk show hosted by Graham Norton is known for getting guests to open up and reveal more than they might otherwise. The casual atmosphere proved to be the ideal opportunity for the Dark Phoneix cast to dive into how they came up with their power moves. In the video, actress Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) likens her move to turning a doorknob. Fassbender uses some more colorful language to describe what exactly he does as Magneto. The cast seems to agree that power moves are equal parts strained face and jazz hands.

See for yourself (please be advised of some adult language):

Norton wondered how Turner came up with her power move, as so many are already taken. In response, Turner says she was left to her own devices to come up with Grey's signature hand movement. She noted how many superpower moves appear balletic. This ended up influencing the three power moves she settled on for the film, which she demonstrates in the above video.

Most of us are familiar with James McAvoy's signature Professor X move involving two fingers placed on the temple of the forehead. Norton and Fassbender likened the move to a magpie salute. For those unfamiliar, the magpie salute is an old British superstition based on the magpie bird, which is said to bring bad luck. It is possible to avoid ill fortune by saluting the bird and saying, “Good morning Mr. Magpie. How is your lady wife today?”

Never one for letting a cheeky joke go unsaid, Norton makes an amusing reference to Fassbender's morning magpie salute. We'll leave it up to your imaginations to determine what Norton may be referring to here. The clip continues with newcomer Jessica Chastain discussing her introduction into the X-Men universe as a mysterious otherworldly creature who befriends Grey in her moment of need.

When describing her power move, Chastain almost lets a spoiler slip out but thankfully catches herself at the last moment. She describes her move as similar to working a tablet device, adding: "Mine are super subtle, and James actually used to make fun of me."

Well, it's good to know that even if the cast is bitterly divided on-screen over what do about Jean Grey, they can unite off-screen for a good old-fashioned teasing session.

Okay, now that you know how the cast came up with their power moves, what's yours look like? Tell us in the comment section below!