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Time-traveling trailer for Dark Season 2 reveals apocalyptic trilogy

By Jacob Oller
Dark Season Two Screenshot

It’s been quite a while since sci-fi fans found out that Netflix’s spooky German series Dark was coming back for a second round of weirdness, but the wait is almost over. After a teaser unsettled viewers with promises of the apocalypse and made fans sad that Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese’s time-traveling series wasn’t being renamed Darker in its second season, the show's return has unleashed its first full trailer into the world.

Check it out:

While things are no longer going backward in this show about the terrifying goings-on in the not-quite-real German town of Winden, it seems like someone may have to stop a disaster from ever taking place. While the trailer’s ticking and tocking (which featured in the first teaser) may remind viewers of HBO’s Watchmen trailer, this is all about time.

And this is the second of three times it will occur. The trailer boasts the name “Trilogy Trailer” and introduces the idea of three seasons to the show — and three time cycles to the narrative. Perhaps in one of these cycles, something can be changed. But to see the gruesome struggles of its heroes in the mysterious trailer, things aren’t looking up yet.

Dark’s second season hits Netflix on June 21 — mere weeks before the return of another supernatural Netflix hit, Stranger Things.