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SYFY WIRE Knight Rider

The Hoff's personal KITT Firebird for sale, which he'll personally deliver if the price is right

By Adam Pockross
David Hasselhoff and KITT

When the world seems at its darkest, there's no better time to remember it also features extreme cases of light. And as any German pop fan will tell you, The Hoff is the light that shines after a long, dark Knight.

Yesterday we learned that The Hoff (aka David Hasselhoff) is parting ways with the 'Hoff prop from the first SpongeBob SquarePants movie. But if you thought dropping $100k on a giant and frightening likeness of The Hoff seemed like a sweet deal, perhaps you've got the means to step into the big leagues of Hoff auctioning by bidding on his own personal KITT, care of LiveAuctioneers.

For those of us who grew up watching Hoff slay as Michael Knight in the oh-so-eighties NBC series Knight Rider, we don't need to explain what (who?) KITT is. But for you newbies who seek enlightenment, KITT, or Knight Industries Two Thousand, is the name of Michael Knight's futuristically modded 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (we shall not speak of the Shelby Mustang imposter in the not nearly-eighties-enough 2008 reboot attempt), complete with sentient AI, indestructibility, and a handy turbo boost that literally shot it into the air.

In short, it was the car that pretty much every Gen Xer with a keen sense of automotive refinery desired. And now those Gen Xers who actually amassed some money since The Neon Decade can own it, thanks to "The Hoff Auction" from LiveAuctioneers, which is currently underway. While there are a slew of Hoff-tastic items up for grabs, Lot 0010, "David's Personal KITT Knight Rider Car," is obviously peak Hoffness: a "fully functional K.I.T.T. car with full conversion car located in U.K."

Of course, the lot winner will be responsible for all delivery expenses. And we're assuming "fully functional" means it can drive, not that it's sentient. But judging from the auction pics, which look just like the fully computerized KITT we remember, you may get some pretty cool flashing lights that ostensibly do nothing.

Regardless, LiveAuctioneers notes that if the "hammer price exceeds 25 percent above reserve price, The Hoff will personally deliver the car to the new owner." The estimate is set at $175,000 - $300,000, and the current top bid is way over that, at $975,000 (though Car and Driver notes it may actually only be about half that), so it seems like some lucky rich person is going to have the pleasure of not just driving one of the coolest cars ever to grace a televison screen, but also have it delivered by one of entertainment's most brightly shining lights.

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