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SYFY WIRE Doctor Who

David Tennant and Donna Noble are back as ‘Doctor Who’ goes full thriller in latest trailer

Doctor Who feels old and new again in latest trailer for 2023 special.

By Trent Moore
David Tennant in Doctor Who

The Doctor Who franchise is in an interesting phase, preparing to eventually transition to new 15th Doctor played by Ncuti Gatwa — but first we have some epic spectaculars with fan favorite David Tennant back in the TARDIS.

We might not have gotten a holiday special this year, but the BBC has dropped a new trailer showcasing what’s to come now that Tennant and Catherine Tate (reprising the role of former companion Donna Noble) have returned for the looming 60th anniversary coming in 2023. Along with Tennant and Noble’s return, we also get a look at newcomer Neil Patrick Harris as a mysterious new baddie.

Check out the trailer below:

So how does it look? The new season looks a bit bigger budget and larger-scale, which isn’t much of a surprise, considering Disney+ has stepped in to snag the U.S. rights to air and stream the series (it’ll continue to air on BBC on then other side of the pond). When last we left Donna, she controversially lost her memories of the Doctor, and it seems there remains a looming threat about her regaining her memories and what that could mean for the universe at large.

Basically, it’s a big ol’ Doctor Who thriller with Tennant back at center stage. His era as The Doctor remains one of the most beloved runs of New Who, and having him step in as the 14th Doctor (yeah, we know it’s a bit confusing) should make for some exciting events to celebrate the show’s 60th anniversary in some new (and old) ways that will keep fans excited.

Of course, once Tennant hands the keys back over, Gatwa will be taking over as the 15th Doctor. Former showrunner Russell T Davies is back at the helm of the series, handling Tennant’s return and Gatwa’s run to come beyond that.

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