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Who's Winning the Undead Invasion? Day of the Dead Power Rankings, Episode 5, ''Til the Dead Do Us Part'

Mayor Bowman starts doing her job and Jai and Lauren fight off some very nasty wedding guests. See how we ranked Mawinhawken's zombie fighters after an action-packed episode.

By John Albinson
Day of the Dead 105 Press

We're now halfway through the first season of SYFY's Day of the Dead and let us tell you, it's just as wild as we thought. Mawinhawken is a zombie-infested mess, the characters are learning by the minute how to deal with an undead invasion, and the only safe place in town happens to be a Paymart. Things are going about as well as you'd expect.

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This leaves us to sort out all of this brain and guts-filled drama with our weekly set of Power Rankings! As per usual, we're using this list as a way to try and answer Mawinhawken's most dire questions: Who is in the best position to survive this undead apocalypse? Who has the most momentum? Who is most likely to end up as a four-course meal for the town's zombies to nibble on?

Time is definitely not of the essence during a zombie uprising, so let's get ranking!

1. Mayor Paula Bowman

A surprise winner, for sure, but a winner nonetheless. Paula Bowman spent this episode actually acting as Mayor and not just as a two-dimensional political figurehead. While she obviously cares a little too much about her public image ‒ as her husband, Trey, and son, Luke, commiserate during an emotional car ride ‒ she confirms that the town is, indeed, in the midst of a zombie invasion and springs into action. She declares the local Paymart convenience store the safest place in town and begins turning it into a makeshift crisis center. Surrounding yourself with guns, ammo, and your closest confidants inside a "sea of asphalt" is an efficient way to volt yourself to the top of these rankings.

2. Dr. Logan

Not lurking far behind our Mayor is the ambiguous Dr. Logan, who gets nudged from her throne after a botched hostage situation and some rather acidic animal abuse (RIP Zombie Lab Rat). After trapping McDermott in her cage along with the zombie found at the bottom of the fracking site hole, Blackwood heroically saves the day by rescuing McDermott and thwarting whatever biological experiments Logan was going to run on the poor detective. We learn that Logan has been studying this "zombie virus" and that she plans on harnessing its power to reverse death in people and animals. Of course, we don't know if she would use this newfound power for good or bad (most likely the latter), but hey ‒ at least she's not eating people.

3. Sarah Blackwood

A consistent top-three finisher in our rankings. Her razor-sharp fighting skills along with her timely intuitions make her, arguably, the most dangerous character in the series. Not only can she fight off zombies like a pro, but she's had no problem defending herself against countless trained human bodyguards. The last we saw of her she was escaping the Cleargenix facility and on the run, yet again; knowing her character, I'm confident she's moving in the right direction.

4. Jai and Lauren

Talk about a wedding from hell, huh? If not for this duo's zombie-killing prowess, everyone at that wedding would have been on the menu for the reception dinner. Jai saved Amy, Herb, and Sean by having the quick instincts to get inside the country club after the zombies started overrunning the outdoor deck area ‒ and then Lauren subsequently saved all of their lives with a timely flick of the ax into a zombie that was headed right for our doomed couple. We left these two driving in Lauren's hearse (which definitely needs some gas at this point) toward Paymart. Zombie apocalypses tend to make or break people, and so far, Jai and Lauren seem up to the challenge.

5A. Luke Bowman

Luke started the episode being cornered by a horde of brain-eaters in the middle of the forest and ended it in Paymart surrounded by both his parents and a boatload of weapons. Not a bad turnaround for the kid. While he still has some bro drama to settle with Cam, Luke is another character who seems to be adapting well to the nightmarish landscape unfolding around him. While he involuntarily learned some... how do we say it, "uncomfortable" information about his parents' romantic life, Luke had a solid episode overall and will hopefully maintain this momentum heading into the home stretch of this first season.

5B. Cam McDermott

Cam had a rough episode, to say the least. His dad won't return his calls (because he is dead), he's being forced to hang out with his high school nemesis while zombies try to eat both of them, and there's an inoperable amount of bloodstains on that fashionable jean jacket of his. You could say he's not thriving ‒ but he's certainly surviving, and what's more important than that during a zombie apocalypse?

7. Rhodes

Give it up for Rhodes, who continuously manages to be the most intimidating yet most inept bad guy in this entire series. Honestly, I think an actual zombie could shoot a gun more accurately than him. At this point, he's let Blackwood escape so many times that it's fair to say they have a Tom and Jerry-like relationship (You can guess who's who). Also, Dr. Logan clearly dislikes him, and you definitely don't want to be on her bad side.

8. Amy and Herb

The only thing worse than a bridezilla on their wedding day? A horde of flesh-eating zombies at said wedding. Not only did Amy lose her mom to our hungry friends, she also lost her secret-not-secret crush and best friend, Sean. Herb, on the other hand, spent $50,000 on a membership to a country club that is currently being overrun by angry Native American zombies whose land they are rightfully taking back. I know that Amy and Herb are technically safe in the moving hearse with Jai and Lauren, but something tells me these two are not going to make it to the end of the season.


Each week, we will also pay homage to our fearless characters who are no longer with us.


I guess losing his ring finger was a red flag for our intrepid detective. McDermott fought a valiant fight, but in the end, he was no match for a hungry zombie who had clearly skipped breakfast. But fear not, McDermott fans: the last shot of Episode 5 saw his eyes flicker open just enough to show us that he'll be joining the undead to hopefully become the world's first zombie cop.


After proposing to Amy on her wedding day in front of her literal fiancé, a love-drunk Sean tried to protect his lifelong crush by defending her against an approaching member of the undead. About four seconds later, the zombie had his bony fingers deep in Sean's eye sockets. Ah, the things we do for love.

Amy's Mom

Sometimes you just really want some cake. Sometimes you'll even risk your own life to get that cake. And sometimes, a zombie will stop you from obtaining that cake and eat you instead. At least Amy got to keep the decoration.