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SYFY WIRE Day of the Dead

Recap: 'Day of the Dead' finale questions if the survival of the few means the destruction of all

Things are coming to a head in Mawinhaken.

By Seth Garben
Day of the Dead 110 PRESS

Things are coming to a head in Mawinhaken. The zombie population has skyrocketed, as the human population is all but casualties.

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Our band of heroes is greatly outnumbered, and if they have any hopes of getting out of this mess alive, they're going to have to get creative.

But does their very existence pose a threat to people outside the Mawinhaken borders? One survivor seems to think so, and he's going to extreme lengths to exterminate the possibility of the zombie virus spilling over to the rest of the world.

**SPOILER WARNING! Spoilers ahead for Day of the Dead Season 1, Episode 10, "Choke On 'Em."**

Paymart has become a veritable graveyard. Rhodes (Kevin O'Grady) gave the orders to his paramilitary cadre to exterminate any potential zombie threat, and that included everyone — human or not — taking refuge at the discount store. He's taking no chances that the virus, or whatever it is, gets outside the Mawinhaken city limits and spreads to the rest of the world.

It seems that Rhodes is actually acting kind of... philanthropically. Can that be possible?

By the time Cam (Keenan Tracey), Luke (Daniel Doheny), Paula (Miranda Frigon), Lauren (Natalie Malaika), and Blackwood (Morgan Holmstrom) get there, Amy (Kristy Dawn Dinsmore) is the only survivor, by dint of her Krav Maga and surprisingly deft chainsaw skills. Blackwood lifted a cache of weapons from the Cleargenix blacksite, so the team is well fortified. What they didn't plan for is Rhodes to make a surprise appearance, explosives strapped to his body, taking Amy hostage.

That's when Captain Pike (Marci T. House), freshly zombified, drops in, disorients Rhodes, and gives our heroes time to knock him out, kill Pike, and save Amy. The team leave Paymart with a plan, and commandeer Bobby Hart's (Matty Finochio) tow truck as step one. Step two: strap the Humanist of the Year Rhodes to the boom as bait for the zombie hordes. Step three: drive the tow truck through town, attracting as many hungry zombies as they can, leading them to some far off location.

That far off location is a disused mine on the outskirts of Mawinhaken. Blackwood and Amy have gone ahead to scout the place in preparation for the influx of zombies. If she can manage to pull it off, Blackwood's going to lead the zombies into the mines, and detonate Rhodes's explosives to trap them inside. Hopefully she won't be there when the walls come crashing down — but there's no guarantee.

The tow truck arrives, minus Cam — he jumped out en route when he caught sight of his father in the road. Blackwood prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice when Amy and Lauren follow in behind her. Outside, Paula and Luke set the charges around the entrance to the mine then go take aim from a distance. Paula's got the scope of her automatic weapon trained on the charge, ready to let it rip when given the signal.

Amy, Lauren, and Blackwood successfully lead the zombies through the depths of the mine, but when they try to escape, their smell and gunfire give them away. They make it through the entrance by a hair's breadth, and just as they're in the clear Paula fires at the detonator, crushing the zombies under a wall of rubble and fire. They've done it.

While our heroes celebrate with some much needed beers they find in the back of Bobby's truck, Cam is having a family reunion of two with his dad. It appears as though McDermott (Mike Dopud) recognizes his son as more than just dinner, and even seems to be heartened by the sight of his wedding ring. He's trying to fight this thing.

But as he's trying to fight, Dr. Logan (Lucia Walters) is spreading it around. While visiting her daughter dying of a terminal illness in a Pittsburgh hospital, Logan instructs the physician on duty to pull the plug and let the little girl die. It's a heart-wrenching moment, until we see Dr. Logan inject her dead daughter with some of the serum she harvested from McDermott. She's trying to raise the dead.

When her last effort fails to work, Logan, crestfallen, leaves the hospital. But before she can make it back to her car, some hooded goons abduct her, throw her into the back of a van, and take off.

Bad timing, too, because the good doctor left the hospital just as her daughter was coming back to life. As a zombie.

Pittsburg, we have a problem.

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