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DC Comics announces 'new era' of stories with massive new Infinite Frontier one-shot

By Matthew Jackson
Infinite Frontier

In the coming weeks, a lot of big stuff is going to unfold in the pages of DC Comics. The massive Dark Nights: Death Metal event is set to conclude its multiverse-altering storytelling on January 5, and it will be followed by Future State, two full months of stories set in DC's many possible futures delivered in the form of miniseries by established and up-and-coming talent.

But what comes after Future State? After DC has launched readers into many possible futures and introduced us to new characters and new versions of old characters, where does it go from there? We've gotten hints in the past couple of weeks at some of what's to come, but now we definitely know where it all begins: With infinite possibilities.

The publisher announced Friday that it will lead off its March 2021 publishing with DC Infinite Frontier #0, a massive 64-page one-shot described as the entry point to the "next phase" of the DC Universe, featuring stories by some of the publisher's top talent which promise to set the stage for the adventures to come.

Infinite Frontier

"Infinite Frontier #0 really feels like the beginning of a new era of DC Comics, a time when anything is possible," writer Joshua Williamson said in a press release. "We're taking the aftermath of Dark Nights: Death Metal and combining it with the best things we love as storytellers about the DC Universe, resulting in bold, fun, and exciting new directions. There are a lot of teases to new story lines, surprises, and mysteries for the year set up in Infinite Frontier #0 that you won't want to miss."

Williamson, who just wrapped up an epic run on The Flash, will serve as one of the lead writers within Infinite Frontier, alongside fellow DC heavyweights including Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Brian Michael Bendis, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Geoff Johns, and the team of Becky Cloonan and Michale W. Conrad. Together with artists including John Timms, Alex Maleev, Jamal Igle, Jorge Jimenez, David Marquez, Todd Nauck, and Alitha Martinez, they will weave stories that set the stage for what we'll all be reading in DC's various ongoing series in 2021.

Among the highlights: A massive attack that sets the stage for an international manhunt in the new The Joker series, a new Stargirl story written by her co-creator, Geoff Johns, Bendis and Marquez launching a new era of Justice League, Cloonan and Conrad steering Wonder Woman into something known as "the godsphere," a new group of young heroes (including the future Red X) meeting the original New Teen Titans in the upcoming Teen Titans Academy series, and much more.

So basically, if you're looking for a single book that might serve as a primer to a vast realm of new DC Comics stories, Infinite Frontier #0 is what you need. The issue drops March 2, 2021.