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DC announces first wave of digital series for Milestone Comics' long-awaited return

By Matthew Jackson

Last summer, during the first-ever DC FanDome event, DC Comics announced the long-awaited return of the Milestone Media heroes of the 1990s, and teased their arrival with a digital preview dubbed Milestone returns. Now, the publisher's ready to roll out the first wave of new Milestone titles in years — returning some of the most influential superheroes of color ever to mainstream comics. 

The publisher announced Friday that, later this month, it will release an extended digital edition of Milestone Returns #0, the comic released in a limited window over the summer in conjunction with the FanDome announcement. Co-created by Milestone co-founder Denys Cowan and Milestone partner Reginald Hudlin with a team of collaborators, Milestone Returns #0 set up new adventures for characters like Static, Icon, Rocket, and a new character known as Duo, co-created by Greg Pak.

On February 26, Milestone Returns: Infinite Edition #0 will add 24 new pages of content to that story, complete with new material from Cowan and Hudlin that will retell the events of the "Big Bang," the police brutality event that ultimately gave superpowers to characters like Static and others in the city of Dakota. A print edition of the comic will then follow in May. 

In the wake of this "new Big Bang," Milestone will release three new digital-first miniseries starring iconic Milestone characters. The full creative teams for these books have yet to be announced, but we now know that a six-issue Static miniseries will launch April 12, followed by an Icon & Rocket miniseries on June 21, and a Hardware miniseries on August 23. 

“The response from fans after the DC FanDome panel was overwhelming, and that makes this news even more exciting for Denys and me,” Hudlin said. “Introducing these ‘seasons’ of Static, Icon, Rocket, and Hardware is just the beginning. There will be more stories with these favorite characters to come, and fans will see appearances from the legendary Blood Syndicate, setting the stage for an explosive Milestone event later in the year.”

In addition to the tease of a new Milestone event, DC revealed that the new miniseries will also be followed by the launch of Earth M, a line of new Milestone Comics from the minds of Cowan and Hudlin which will flesh out the stories of other Milestone characters, including the just-introduced Duo. 

Check out the new designs for Static and Hotstreak in the gallery above, and get ready for the return of Milestone Comics in all its glory later this year.