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DC Comics reveals new 'Batman' miniseries and 'Green Lantern' series arriving this April

By Matthew Jackson
Batman: The Dark Knight cover

Right now, most of the DC Comics publishing slate is in the throes of Future State, a massive effort that has catapulted the DC Multiverse and various versions of its heroes into visions of the future. By the spring, that will change, as DC releases its Infinite Frontier one-shot to set up a new era that lies beyond Future State, and with it a host of new series and new creative teams. We've already seen numerous announcements that paint a picture of what this era will look like, and today we have two more major launches from high-profile creative teams. 

Early Friday, DC revealed that writer Tom Taylor (Suicide SquadInjustice: Gods Among Us), who was already set to take over writing duties on Nightwing in the spring, will also team up with legendary artist Andy Kubert for Batman: The Dark Knight, a six-issue miniseries that will send Bruce Wayne on an international journey spurred on by a tragedy in the United Kingdom, and the rise of a brand-new villain.

"When editor Ben Abernathy and Andy came to me with an idea for a world-weary Batman leaving Gotham for Europe, I immediately thought of the great stories I'd read of an older, cynical Batman. But the challenge was finding the call to adventure for a Batman who's a little more jaded," Taylor said in a press released. "Fortunately, I already had something up my sleeve. I actually pitched a Batman idea to Ben Abernathy all the way back in 2012 and, nine years later, we were able to find a place for this in Batman: The Dark Knight. The idea was about taking something away from Batman that no one's ever tried to take before. And from that, a new, unique Batman villain was born. It's all about Equilibrium.”

You can check out two covers for the series launch, along with a peek at Kubert's interior art, in the gallery below. Batman: The Dark Knight #1 arrives this April. 

If you're looking for something a little more cosmic from your DC Comics this spring, you're in luck, because the publisher also took the opportunity Friday to announce a brand-new volume of Green Lantern from writer Geoffrey Thorne and artist Dexter Soy. Spinning out of the events of Future State: Green Lantern, the new series will follow fan-favorite Green Lantern John Stewart, as well as Young Justice "Teen Lantern" Keli Quintela and Far Sector Green Lantern Sojourner "Jo" Mullein as they embark on a journey that will help determine the future of the Green Lantern Corps and the universe it's sworn to protect. 

The story will begin with a short from Thorne and Soy in the Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot this March, and you can check out some of Soy's art for that story, along with a cover for the main series debut, in the gallery below. 

The Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot arrives March 2, at the end of Future State's two-month effort. Green Lantern #1 arrives a little more than a month later, on April 6.