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Exclusive: Black Veil Brides' Andy Black teases connection to Dark Nights: Death Metal comic

By Jacob Oller
Metal Crush Monday GWAR + Black Veil Brides

SYFY's Metal Crush Mondays are off to a kickass start! Not only is the weekly movie screening teaming up with metalheads from the music and entertainment worlds, it's breaking news about the future of metal-adjacent genre projects. Few of these are more explicitly throwing up the horns than DC Comics' Dark Nights: Metal and its follow-up Dark Nights: Death Metal. Now fans can find out a little bit more about what's in store.

During an interview, Black Veil Brides' Andy Black mentioned the latter comic crossover series when the subject came up -- is DC reaching out to real metal musicians for potential comic collaborations? Revealed during a conversation with SYFY WIRE’s Whitney Moore (which also featured Pustulus Maximus and the Berserker Blother of GWAR), the team-up is just as exciting as the Lake Placid screening it accompanies.

Take a look:

"I'll just say this," Black said during SYFY WIRE's debut Metal Crush Monday interview. "I'm hoping to be involved in that in some capacity moving forward ... I might, in some way, be involved in a small tangential way with that whole line coming up."

Black goes on to mention series artist Greg Capullo's bona fides as a metalhead, which comes across in the crossover series. "You see Batman with a guitar," Black said. "It's something as a little kid I was doing, drawing, and making up: the idea that Batman was in a band." DC fans definitely deserve a Justice League battle of the bands, right?

Metal Crush Mondays air on SYFY every Monday in August, while DC's Dark Nights: Death Metal comics have been releasing over the summer after a coronavirus-driven delay. Fans can find more interviews on SYFY WIRE's YouTube page and extended Metal Crush Monday conversations on the Metal Crush podcast.

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