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DC Universe reveals Harley Quinn S2 first episode, advice column Ask Dr. Harley Quinn at C2E2 2020

By Jacob Oller
Ask Dr. Harley Quinn

There are big things coming down the pike for superhero streaming service DC Universe as its original shows -- like Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn -- head to new seasons while others -- DC Universe All Star Games, StargirlBizarroTV -- are about to debut. And that's not even touching the crossover that the service will have with upcoming WarnerMedia streamer HBO Max. The point is that it's an exciting time to read comics and watch adaptations, with things only getting bigger in the future. That's what DC Daily co-host Sam Humphries and DC boss Jim Lee had to discuss at their panel at C2E2 2020.

The panel covered a rapidfire series of topics. There were announcements of a new advice column for the DC Universe site ("Ask Dr. Harley Quinn,” written by Harley Quinn specialists Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti), comic reading method (Couch Mode, which allows subscribers to throw comics to their TV screens), and fan-related fun (like Freddie Prinze Jr.'s actual play RPG show DC UNIVERSE All Star Games and a supervillain bracket contest that'll bring a fan to the Wonder Woman 1984 premiere).

Palmiotti said that they've already got a few answers loaded up to questions both real (bullies, relationship advice) and zany (what can't Bane break?), with the column launching on March 4. 

And check out the first art:

Ask Dr. Harley Quinn

Continuing the fan focus, it was announced that one of the top three finalists for the streaming service's fan pitch contest -- DCYou Unscripted -- is getting a pilot with the help of writer Scott Snyder (Dark Nights: Metal). Snyder will be a consultant on the escape-room-esque game show Escape From Arkham, which follows six role-playing teams of henchmen as they attempt to help their supervillain bosses get out of Arkham Asylum. Boasting "intricate puzzles, traps, and mazes," this pilot is getting some help from one of Batman's best. Matt Lincoln will direct.

The other two pilots from the series (DC’s Cosplay Clash and Cross Country Comic Shop) got updates as well. The former will tie into Wonder Woman 1984 with Sarah Thacker directing, while the latter will take its journey all over the U.S. -- starting at Portland's Books With Pictures -- under the helm of director Xavier Burgin. Shooting on all three begins in the next few weeks.

And if fans thought all the Harley fun was over, DC would Birds of Pray to differ. The panel showed off a sneak preview of Harley Quinn's second season -- the entire first episode, in fact! After the fallout of Season 1's finale, Gotham City has been removed from the United States of America. It's going full post-apocalyptic up in here, and Harley's looking to start a revolution among the henchmen of the world. That leaves room for the Injustice League to rise, one supervillain to have a bloody, bloody death, and Batman ... is missing!

Fans can find out more when Harley Quinn Season 2 debuts on April 3.