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DC Comics joins March Madness, letting fans vote on which comics they want to see made next

DC Round Robin is a back, with a whole new lineup of potential new comics for fans to choose from.

By Matthew Jackson
Dc Round Robin Announcement

Every year during March Madness, brands and individuals alike conjure up pop culture-based tournaments to exist alongside the NCAA basketball tournament, but rarely do those pop culture brackets have any real consequences. Occasionally, though, you get to vote on something that could actually have an impact on your favorite stories and characters. 

Last year, DC Comics launched DC Round Robin, a four-round tournament bracket in which fans could vote on various concepts and creative teams to determine which of the 16 contenders would get to be an actual DC release. The publisher presented a wide range of contenders focusing on everyone from A-list superheroes to more obscure characters, and revealed more details about each book still in the running as the tournament progressed. When it was all over, Robins was chosen as the event's winner, and that book launched as a six-issue miniseries late last year, while other Round Robin concepts, such as the JLQ, have stuck around in other DC releases. 

Now, it's time for fans to vote on yet another intriguing collection of DC concepts. On Tuesday morning the publisher announced the 16-title lineup for the 2022 edition of Round Robin, featuring everyone from Animal Man to Superboy to a potential new DC Horror series, and beginning at 12:15 pm ET today, you'll be able to vote on which idea you'd like to see as a full-fledged DC Comics release.

Check out the full bracket for the 2022 edition below:

DC's Round Robin Bracket

Just look at those match-ups. A new Green Lantern book versus a Captain Carrot and Darkseid adventure? A Wildcat book facing off against fellow former JSA members Hawkman and Hawkwoman? It's a lot, and it gets even more interesting when you read the loglines for each potential new series, which you can check out in full over on DC Universe Infinite right now. To vote, visit DC's Twitter page, Instagram page, or the DC Universe Infinite link to choose your preferred titles. 

To make things even more interesting, the first round of voting on Round Robin features only the titles and loglines of these potential comics. We don't get any hints about creative teams, no teaser art, nothing but concepts to cast votes on. Voting on Round One will be open until 11:59 p.m. Pacific on April 3, at which point the eight winning titles will advance. Round Two kicks off April 5, at which point DC will reveal creative teams and teaser art for each of the remaining contenders, giving fans more details as they weigh their options. 

So, if any of these pitches really grab you, and you want to see one become an actual DC Comic in the coming months, head over to DC Universe Infinite, DC Comics Twitter, or DC Comics Instagram to begin casting your vote.