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SYFY WIRE Deadpool

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld sets 'definitive,' final Deadpool project

By Jacob Oller
Deadpool comic cover

Rob Liefeld is going back to basics after he introduces his new X-Men character. The creator of Deadpool, Cable, and many more is writing a new story featuring the “Merc with a Mouth,” and it’s coming right after his run with Major X finishes.

In a book called Deadpool: Badder Blood, Liefeld aims to say the final word on the superhero who never runs out of them. After the hero rode two R-rated movies to box office bounties, it was time for his comic creator to step back into the writer’s chair. So Liefeld went on Instagram to make the announcement.

Check it out:

“LAST DANCE!” Liefeld writes. That’s not Deadpool: Bad Blood (2017’s offering), but even worse. It's pretty standard gun- and swordplay, but there's a little more heft behind those images.

“These are shots from Deadpool: Badder Blood, a project I’ll complete right after Major X wraps. This one is both a hoot and a holler and will be my definitive and last word with Deadpool. He begged me to be a part of Major X so I let him play in that sandbox as long as he was nice to others, you definitely won’t want to miss that one.” With Liefeld teasing Major X more than his final take on his beloved ‘Pool, it seems like the former masked hero may have a few more secrets fans will need to suss out.

The first issue of Major X starts Liefeld on his inevitable road back to Deadpool in April.