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'Debris' shoots for the stars in exclusive key art for NBC's new UFO sci-fi series

By Josh Weiss

Watch the skies because something new is about to land: Ahead of Debris' premiere next month, SYFY WIRE is exclusively debuting the key art to the upcoming UFO mystery series arriving on NBC.

The show hails from Joel Howard "J.H." Wyman, showrunner and executive producer of J.J. Abrams' Fringe and creator of Almost Human. Jonathan Tucker and Riann Steele co-star as Bryan Beneventi and Finola Jones, two international agents from different backgrounds who are tasked with tracking down the strange wreckage of an alien craft that starts messing with the very laws of our reality.

Check it out:

Debris NBC key art

"There's a lot of people out there that do the 'Little Green Men' thing better than me," Wyman explained during a TCA panel in January. "I'm not that guy. I'm more [interested in] human interactions ... What does it look like when there are questions that are asked that really shine a light on the human condition? And I just always find that fascinating ... When the visitors come down that sort of highway and make themselves known or whatever it is, I think that we're going to learn more about ourselves than the aliens or the visitors. And that really interests me. Those are the things that I've always loved. I think it just doesn't really keep my imagination sort of shackled. It sort of lets it go."

Overseen by Frequency Films (Wyman's company), Legendary Television, and Universal Television, Debris is produced by Wyman, Jason Hoffs, Jeff Vlaming, and Samantha Corbin-Miller. The show was first announced in early 2020 and picked up for a full season last summer. Check out the first teaser trailer right here.

"There is the 'story of the week' and the 'debris of the week,'" Steel said at the TCA panel, alluding to X-Files overtones. "But what is so amazing about these scripts and about Joel's writing is that there is a realism alongside that. You're meeting two characters who are very flawed and are very broken, and we get to also see, along the season, them kind of understand each other through the debris."

"Riann is so darn dynamic on this show, and I'm there to support her," added Tucker. "You're going to enjoy the two different kinds of continental banter that we have, because we certainly are having a good time with that on set."

Debris key art

The new series lands on NBC on March 1 at 10 p.m. ET.