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SYFY WIRE Decade in Review

The 12 movie and TV scenes that made us want to puke this decade

By Brian Silliman
Decade in Review: Scenes that made us want to puke

Welcome to SYFY WIRE's Decade in Review, a series of articles that will look to catalog the best, worst, and weirdest cultural and entertainment moments of the 2010s as we look toward the future. Today, we relive the television and movie scenes that made us want to puke — for a multitude of reasons.

Chances are most people don't sit down to watch movies or TV because they're hoping that something on the screen will make them puke their guts out, but if nasty viewers like this do exist (and they do), then they had a whale of a time this past decade. Time and time again, scenes and moments from television and film had us reaching for buckets (and, in some cases, loving it) over the last ten years.

Sure, there were moments of grossness. There were "icky" scenes, plenty of gore, and things of that nature. There were also moments that made our souls feel an intense unease, and other times it was the walk home from the theater itself that made us feel queasy. Other moments, as you'll discover, were just flat-out nasty because humanity is awful.

Have a bucket handy and be close to your nearest bathroom, because here are twelve scenes from the past decade that made us want to vomit, barf, puke, hurl, toss chunks, lose hope, and generally feel disgusting. These scenes are unranked because they are all equally gross in our eyes.

01. Game of Thrones - Birth of the shadow demon

Ser Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) had seen it all, and then he went into that cave with Melisandre (Carice Van Houten) in the season 2 episode of Game of Thrones, titled "Garden of Bones." He wasn't ready for what he saw, and neither were we.

Surprise! Stannis' favorite advisor was magically pregnant, naked in a flash, and then on the cave floor giving birth to... a shadow demon. This disgusting Venom-castoff came crawling out of her like a plague, and while the effect is vile, the look on Davos' face really seals it. This is was a new kind of evil magic for the show, completely disgusting, and had far-reaching consequences. Bucket, please.

02. Hereditary - Piano Wire

Director Ari Aster already had us quivering towards the end of this movie, and Toni Collette's incredible performance (especially when she becomes possessed) played a big role in that.

That's when her son looks up at her, and Collette's Annie starts cutting off her own head with piano wire. Yep, no thanks.

For one thing, why? To ask another question, good God why? It doesn't really matter in the end why Annie does this, what matters is that it is disgusting AF and some of us (not naming names) could not handle the gore of this moment. The look on Collette's face helped nothing. Bucket!

03. Penny Dreadful - Proteus and Caliban

You're watching the first few episodes of Penny Dreadful, and sure, there's some disgusting stuff in there... it's a horror show, after all. You may even be charmed with the latest creation from Dr. Frankenstein, Proteus. Surely he's around for the long haul, because the good doctor spends an entire episode teaching him things!

Nope! At the end of that episode, the doctor's former creation (played to perfection by the always welcome Rory Kinnear) returns in a big way. How do you make an entrance that your creator is sure to remember? Use his newest creation as curtains — rip the guy in half, and reveal yourself behind him. This moment of gore was so effective because it was so unexpected, and this was something that this show would continue to offer again and again. This scene set the tone in many ways, and let us know what we were in for — for that reason, BUCKET.

04. Mad Max: Fury Road - Immortan Joe

Everything. All of him. Every decision he makes, ever shot of him, every line he utters — utterly and completely f**king disgusting. George Miller really let Hugh Keays-Byrne go for the big choices here, and it paid off. Here is a villain that is so gross and so effective, that we just cannot wait for him to die the most horrible death possible.

This is why his actual death, which features most of his face being torn off, is likely the least gross scene involving him. It is gross, but so is this creature's way of thinking and his entire mindset. Having his face torn off via truck was gross, but necessary. Still, it has to be said... bucket.

05. Twin Peaks: The Return - Mouth wide open

The eighth installment of Twin Peaks: The Return might be the freakiest (and best) thing that David Lynch has ever directed, and that really is saying something. In the middle of this returned classic, which is in no way short of disgusting moments, we get Part 8, and it is chock full of horrifying gore.

There are so many puke-worthy moments to pick from (gotta light?) but a moment from the very end stands out the most. A girl (who could be Sarah Palmer, we don't know), goes to sleep and a creature of pure evil crawls into her mouth. The scene makes any viewer want to take a sleep study and get a CPAP machine just to make sure that their mouths don't casually stay open in the night.

A later scene with the fully grown Sarah Palmer (taking her face off or something, we don't know, we can't know) almost took the spot here, but in the end... this is the water, and this is the well. Bucket as quick as you can.

06. Ready Player One - The walk home from the movie theater

This movie from Steven Spielberg is packed fit to bursting with Easter eggs, references, nostalgia, and almost everything else that can be packed into a movie. There's nothing particularly disgusting in it, so why is it here?

It's here because after watching it in the theater, we walked home... and on that walk, we felt like we'd just scarfed down five, full birthday cakes without pausing. No protein, no water... just two hours of non-stop birthday cake binge. This isn't hyperbole either, that was not a pleasant walk home. We had to start slow with ginger ale and crackers, and build ourselves back up. We also, as we walked, were sure to purchase a bucket.

07. The Walking Dead - Glenn's death

There was zero chance that something from this zombie-gore parade wasn't gonna end up here, but it really all came down to this scene. Why?

Well, why not? For one, it's the way Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) plays his psychological mind games, making us think that he's already beaten one hero to death, so the rest are safe. For another, when he does strike again out of nowhere, it's Glenn (Steven Yeun), and we loved him. He did nothing to deserve this savage beating, and everyone around him is helpless and forced to watch.

Then there's the gore itself, and the bulging eye. Just, no... no, no, no. The psych-out wait for this moment over the show's hiatus was bad enough, but this? This is disgusting on so many levels. How anyone can redeem themselves after doing this is beyond us, but Negan seems to be doing it? We don't know. We still don't forgive him. You don't get to do this to Glenn, you don't get to do this to Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and you don't get to do this to us. No sir! Pass that bucket and go eff yourself, Negan.

08. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - Dining on essence

It's not enough that these wicked pieces of garbage have to kill an innocent Gelfling and drain her essence... they then have to have a complete Roman-style orgy of essence drinking that would make Caligula blush. Why do the awful Skeksis have to be so damn awful?

It's the act that they perform that is gross, but it is also their drinking of the essence that is barfarrific. They don't just drink it, they revel in it, and they continue to do this at various moments in the series. The Skeksis are stomach-churning, their actions are despicable, but when they eat or drink? BUCKET, party of everyone. Seriously, WTF.

09. Transformers: Age of Extinction - Romeo and Juliet law (laminated)

Gonna keep this real simple. Scumbag 20-year old wants to keep "dating" the 17-year-old daughter of Mark Wahlberg's character in this movie. Wahlberg objects, and the scumbag recites, to perfection, the "Romeo and Juliet law" that protects him from any and all charges. Not only does he have the law (and all of the various statutes) memorized to the point that Perry Mason wouldn't crack him, he carries around a laminated copy of a document that explains this law in his wallet. We say it again because it bears repeating: he had the card laminated. 


10. The Shape of Water - Finger degradation

We adore this movie with all of our hearts, truly, but as is usually the case with the brilliant films Guillermo del Toro, his fantastical magic comes with a little all-too-real gore. Michael Shannon's Strickland assumes responsibility for this moment here, picking up the baton from Captain Vidal personally sewing his own face back together in Pan's Labyrinth.

Strickland has an... accident... with his fingers early on in the film. He should seek professional care, but he kind of just bandages them back on? As the movie progresses (and he grows into more and more of a monster), the fingers just start rotting off, to the point where he just ends up ripping them off completely.

Dude, we know you're obsessed with the fish guy, new cars, and doing your job...but go to a hospital! You have time to go to a car dealership, but you don't have time to see a specialist about your fingers, which are clearly rotting off? Do you not want fingers anymore?

Everything to do with Strickland's fingers in this movie is utterly vomitorious. When he finally rips them off? Bucket, bucket, our kingdom for a bucket.

11. The Mandalorian - Jawas dine on yolk

This is a very late entry, but gross all the same... so gross that it isn't even the scene that we pictured above.

In Chapter 2 of this Star Wars streaming series, our titular hero barters with Jawas to get stolen parts of his ship back. They are obsessed with an egg, and after much ado about a Mudhorn, the Mando manages to get a gross looking, hairy egg back to them.

What do they do? They slice it open, and they dig into the really, really yellow yolk within. All of them slurp and slop it around like Skeksis with essence, and it's just such unnecessary behavior. Did no one teach Jawas manners? The sickly yellow, thickly textured yolk is highly disgusting, and watching these guys party with it only made us want to barter for a bucket.

12. What We Do In the Shadows (Film and TV) - I wouldn't eat that

In the world of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement's What We Do In The Shadows, trouble ensues if a vampire eats normal human food. What kind of trouble? Huge, powerful, jets of vomit. It is not pretty.

We see it in the original film (as seen above), and then the television continuation keeps up the proud tradition when the Baron (Doug Jones) decides to eat just a little bit of pizza. It's not long before he's being propelled through the night air like a rag doll but the force of his own vomit.

These scenes aren't here because they are gross, or because they literally involve vomit, which is the entire subject of this article. Yeah, these scenes are gross — but they are utterly hilarious. Never in the past decade has vomit been so funny, so in this instance, we brought very close to Barf Manor because we are laughing ourselves silly. So much laughter can lead to's been known to happen.

It's just too funny, so to be on the safe side... bucket. Bucket. BUCKET, we say! Buckets all around!