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Disney+ confirms price, release date, WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier, and What If

By Christian Long
Captain America: Civil War

The House of Mouse seems as ready as ever to stake its claim in the streaming game.

At an annual investor conference earlier today, Disney formally unveiled Disney+, which has been making headlines since it was first rumored back in the summer of 2017. Now we have the most detailed look yet at the new streaming service, including the launch date, subscription costs, and the official confirmation of several new MCU shows.

Starting things off, it was made quite clear that Disney is more than confident that Disney+ will do well, even in an increasingly crowded market. CEO Bob Iger promised the platform, which will come with a library filled with Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies, is "being built at a level no one can compete with," according to Deadline.

He also used that moment to take a swipe at Apple, which has likewise thrown its hat into the streaming ring with AppleTV+, as well as established streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon, explaining that Disney has been entertaining audiences "at the highest level" for nearly a century.

Some of this top-tier entertainment will come from several new MCU series, which were hyped by Kevin Feige, per THR. The Marvel Studios boss made it clear that these shows will tell "new and ongoing stories" that will have "ramifications that will be felt" throughout the larger MCU. This is a definite change of pace from Marvel's past and current TV offerings, which all seem to happen in the margins.

As far as specifics, Falcon & Winter Soldier was officially confirmed today, as was the series focusing on Scarlet Witch and Vision, which has been titled WandaVision. Feige also addressed the series centered on the God of Mischief himself, Loki, but didn't bring up the Hawkeye series starring Jeremy Renner, which was revealed earlier this week.

He did mention the new animated series based on the What If? comic, which sounds like it'll stay true to its source material by exploring alternate possibilities in the MCU timeline. For example, the first episode will see Peggy Carter become a super soldier in World War II, while a still-scrawny Steve Rogers fights in a robotic suit made by Howard Stark.

Disney+ will also be home to a number of original Star Wars series, although only Jon Favreau's bounty hunter saga The Mandalorian was confirmed to be available to stream at launch.

As far as feature films, Reuters reported that some of Disney's upcoming projects, like the Lady and the Tramp remake, will debut directly on Disney+, while the rest will be streaming there after their respective theatrical runs.

Disney+ also has an official launch date of November 12, and will cost $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year, per EW. Kevin Mayer, who heads Disney's direct-to-consumer division, said that it's "likely" that they'll be offering Disney+ as part of a bundle, also per The Wrap. That theoretical bundle would include Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, the latter of which Disney has a 60% stake in.

The Wrap has also reported that Disney+ will be commercial-free, so it'll be counting on those subscriptions to generate revenue.

Will you be ponying up for a Disney+ subscription? Let us know in the comments.