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We cast all 151 original Pokémon with Hollywood stars. This is definitive.

By Jordan Zakarin
Pokemon casting hero image

When it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would be supplying the voice of Pikachu in the first live-action Pokémon movie, more than a few eyebrows were raised. In no world did it make sense to have the adorable and iconic face of the franchise voiced by a congenitally sarcastic actor best known for playing a foul-mouthed anti-hero —which is precisely why, in the end, it wound up being a perfect choice.

Detective Pikachu, featuring Reynolds' groundbreaking voice work, hits theaters on Friday, and a sequel is already in development at Legendary and Warner Bros. With Reynolds' Pikachu so well received by critics and fans alike, the possibilities for the future are limitless. Should plans for a sequel include even more Pokémon that can say more than just their name, we Pokémon fans at SYFY WIRE want to pitch to help with what will be a potentially enormous casting job.

All that's to say that we've taken it upon ourselves to cast all 151 original (and probably best-known) Pokémon. We largely shied away from the pure cognitive dissonance that Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu created because that only works so often. We did our best to make realistic picks, though there are definitely some pun-based and joke-driven choices in here, as well. Let us know your choices in the comments!

Missing media item.

Bulbasaur: Sam Richardson

Ivysaur: Mike Judge

Venusaur: Tim Robinson

Charmander: Elijah Wood

Charmeleon: Daniel Radcliffe

Charizard: Idris Elba

Squirtle: Jason Mantzoukas

Wartortle: Jaime Camil

Blastoise: John Goodman

Caterpie: Zooey Deschanel

Metapod: Aubrey Plaza

Butterfree: Ali Wong

Weedle: Evan Peters

Kakuna: Jack O'Connell

Beedrill: Mark Strong

Pidgey: Freddie Prinze Jr.

Pidgeot: Justin Baldoni

Pidgeotto: Steven Tyler

Rattata: Ben Schwartz

Raticate: Steve Buscemi

Spearow: Ray Winstone

Fearow: Benedict Cumberbatch

Ekans: Zendaya

Arbok: Gina Rodriguez

Pikachu: Ryan Reynolds

Raichu: Blake Lively

Sandshrew: Nick Robinson

Sandslash: Slash

Nidoran (female): Hailee Steinfeld

Nidorina: Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Nidoqueen: Holly Hunter

Nidoran (male): Zach Braff

Nidorino: Matt LeBlanc

Nidoking: Josh Brolin

Clefairy: Carly Rae Jepsen

Clefable: Kate Nash

Vulpix: Amandla Stenberg

Ninetales: Helen Mirren

Missing media item.

Jigglypuff: Ariana Grande

Wigglytuff: Emily Blunt

Zubat: Sarah Silverman

Golbat: Andy Serkis

Oddish: Chloë Grace Moretz

Gloom: Brad Garret

Vileplume: Karen Gillan

Paras: Kat Dennings

Parasect: Rick Moranis

Venonat: Jim Parsons

Venomoth: Vanessa Kirby

Diglett: Jack De Sena

Dugtrio: Three Jack De Senas

Meowth: Danny DeVito

Persian: Taylor Swift

Psyduck: Bill Hader

Golduck: Jerry Seinfeld

Mankey: Mark Wahlberg

Primeape: Tom Hardy

Growlithe: Millie Bobby Brown

Arcanine: Keri Russell

Poliwag: Jack McBrayer

Poliwhirl: Thomas Lennon

Poliwrath: William Shatner

Abra: Awkwafina

Kadabra: Sacha Baron Cohen

Alakazam: Tilda Swinton

Machop: Michelle Rodriguez

Machoke: Dolph Lundgren

Machamp: The Rock

Bellsprout: Blake Anderson

Weepinbell: Anders Holm

Victreebel: Tommy Chong

Tentacool: Seth Rogen

Tentacruel: Jonah Hill

Geodude: Tom Waits

Graveler: Dave Bautista

Golem: John Cena

Ponyta: Bella Thorne

Rapidash: Heather Graham

Slowpoke: Vincent Rodriguez III

Slowbro: Manny Jacinto

Magnemite: Seth Green

Magneton: Three Seth Greens

Farfetch'd: Timothy Simons

Pokemon Casting 3

Doduo: Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key

Dodrio: Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, and Dave Chapelle

Seel: Seal

Dewgong: Patti LuPone

Grimer: Zach Galifianakis

Muk: Jack Black

Shellder: Nathan Fielder

Cloyster: Bobcat Goldthwait

Gastly: Rhea Pearlman

Haunter: Charlie Day

Gengar: Al Pacino

Onix: Armie Hammer

Drowzee: Gary Oldman

Hypno: Paul F. Tompkins

Krabby: Nick Kroll

Kingler: Jeffrey Wright

Voltorb: Simon Pegg

Electrode: Nick Frost

Exeggcute: Lennon Parham

Exeggutor: Andy Daly

Cubone: Vin Diesel

Marowak: Corey Stoll

Hitmonlee: Gina Carano

Hitmonchan: Jackie Chan

Lickitung: Gene Simmons

Koffing: Judah Friedlander

Weezing: John Malokovich

Rhyhorn: Lou Ferrigno

Rhydon: Ronda Rousey

Chansey: Merritt Weaver

Tangela: Will Forte

Kangaskhan: Rose Byrne

Horsea: Elle Fanning

Seadra: Dakota Fanning

Goldeen: Selena Gomez

Seaking: Regina King

Pokemon Casting 4

Staryu: Gerard Butler

Starmie: Kristen Bell

Mr. Mime: Martin Short

Scyther: Wilson Cruz

Jynx: Ru Paul

Electabuzz: Adam Devine

Magmar: Guy Fieri

Pinsir: Jason Statham

Tauros: Scott Evans

Magikarp: Sofía Vergara

Gyarados: Jeremy Irons

Lapras: Maya Rudolph

Ditto: Kate McKinnon

Eevee: Jenny Slate

Vaporeon: Beth Broderick

Jolteon: Fran Drescher

Flareon: Megan Mullally

Porygon: Leslie Jones

Omanyte: Jay Baruchel

Omastar: Patrick Warburton

Kabuto: Dante Basco

Kabutops: Diego Luna

Aerodactyl: Dax Shepard

Snorlax: Brian Baumgartner

Articuno: Michelle Yeoh

Zapdos: Emma Thompson

Moltres: Angela Bassett

Dratini: Freddie Highmore

Dragonair: Patrick Stewart

Dragonite: Ian McKellen

Mewtwo: Beyoncé

Mew: Crystal Reed