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SYFY WIRE Ghostbusters

Development: Ghostbusters and Morbius release dates; Jay and Silent Bob strike deal; no Netflix for Extreme Universe

By Benjamin Bullard
Ghostbusters 1984 via official website

For all we don’t know yet about the just-announced Ghostbusters reboot from Jason Reitman, we may have just learned from Reitman himself when we can expect to get slimed.

In a cryptic tweet, Reitman revealed the movie’s release date (confirmed by Deadline), shooting out a short but sweet tease that the film’s not much more than a year away from the big screen. Accompanied by a #GB20 hashtag, Reitman simply hinted we should start marking our calendars for the week after the July 4 holiday next year:

The creative team previously had revealed that the movie was targeting a summer 2020 release date, alongside a teaser trailer that deftly merged new elements with nostalgic throwbacks to the 1984 original. Hopefully Reitman will keep dropping fresh Twitter tidbits about the reboot, so stay tuned.

Fresh off adding former Doctor Who star and Star Wars: Episode IX actor Matt Smith to its growing cast, Spider-Man spinoff Morbius also has revealed a release date that targets July of next year — and what a cool summer for movies 2020 is suddenly shaping up to be.

Via Deadline, the Jared Leto-headlining story of the scientist-turned-vampire will sink its teeth into theaters next July 31. Directed by Daniel Espinoza from a script by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the movie will feature Leto as the titular villain, but little else is known about the rest of the cast — including who Smith will play.

Also via Deadline, Jay and Silent Bob have struck the deal they needed to get their long-awaited next slacker un-adventure into U.S. theaters. Saban Films reportedly has picked up Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, the first big-screen appearance from Mallrats alums Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes since 2006’s Clerks II (not counting their 2013 cartoon outing in Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie), for distribution throughout North America.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot still doesn’t have a release date, but it looks as though the pieces are finally falling into place. Fan-owned Legion M, one of the movie’s backers, shared a clip of Smith and Mewes celebrating the movie’s turn of good fortune, and they sound just as stoked as they might have when the franchise debuted 25 years ago:

If you're impatient to get your next fix of Jay & Silent Bob at the theater, you can always catch up with Mewes and Smith each week via their accalimed Jay & Silent Bob Get Old podcast.

Finally, it appears that Netflix won’t be where we’ll be tuning in to watch the reported movies in the works from Rob Liefeld’s line of Extreme comics titles.

The Deadpool co-creator told his Twitter followers that efforts to move forward after striking a multi-installment movie deal with Netflix have soured, and suggested that he already had been shopping the Extreme Universe elsewhere:

As you can see, Liefeld’s tweet doesn’t make clear whether he’s definitely locked in a new deal somewhere else, or if he’s still actively trying to find the Extreme Universe an ideal platform. Netflix appeared to be ready to bring Brigade, Cybrid, Bloodwulf, Bloodstrike, Kaboom, and more into its superhero fold after the originally reported “seven-figure rights deal” between Liefeld and the streaming giant was first revealed last March.