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SYFY WIRE Howard the Duck

Development: Howard the Duck flies with Lea Thompson; The Banana Splits score deadly reunion; Into the Dark creeps into March

By Christian Long
Howard The Duck 1986

Marvel fans have been buzzing since last week's announcement that Hulu will be launching a total of four animated series for grown-ups, and particularly that longtime favorite Howard the Duck is among the quartet.

Today, professional comic book fan Kevin Smith, who's co-writing the series with Aqua Teen Hunger Force creator Dave Willis, posted some news about the series to Instagram. It seems that the two will be keeping the spirit of the ... misunderstood 1986 movie alive. Specifically, by hiring Lea Thompson to do some voice work.

"I can’t spoil where we’re going, but I can tell you this: I already asked movie-Howard heroine [Lea Thompson] to lend us her vocal Quack Fu in a to-be-revealed-later role! And she did NOT say no!" Smith wrote.

Thompson has been advocating a return to the world of Howard the Duck for some time. Last summer, she spoke about a pitch she'd worked up with Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones that Marvel was later receptive to. Considering she even showed up in a 2016 run in the comic as herself, it's only natural she continues to be a part of Howard's feathered legacy.

(via Instagram)

Next up, Hulu's holiday-themed horror anthology Into the Dark has released a trailer for its latest installment. While the series has had a good run of holidays to draw from, starting with October's Halloween episode through to February's Valentine's Day offering, the Blumhouse production will be drawing from the Ides of March for its latest, "Treehouse."

The episode stars Westworld's Jimmi Simpson as Peter Rake, a celebrity chef who tries to escape a recent wave of negative press by retreating to his family’s vacation estate in the woods. But some mysterious paintings done by his late father spell trouble for his relaxing little getaway.

"Treehouse," the newest episode of Into the Dark, will be available to stream on Hulu starting March 1.

(via Bloody Disgusting)

Finally, everyone's favorite costume-wearing bubblegum rock band is back. Bingo, Fleegle, Snorky, and Drooper will be doing their first horror movie in the upcoming slasher The Banana Splits.

The story involves a family off to a Banana Splits taping/birthday party for their son, Harley. Eventually, something goes haywire and people start to die, which will be new territory for the anthropomorphic quartet.

There aren't any other plot details available just yet, but Wynonna Earp star Dani Kind will play family matriarch Beth alongside The Vampire Diaries' Sara Canning as Rebecca, a by-the-book producer who's drawn into the fight for survival.

The quartet of characters collectively known as the Banana Splits were first introduced in 1968's The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, a Hanna-Barbera variety show that mixed in live action and animation. Their costumes were designed by Sid and Marty Krofft, who went on to make H.R. Pufnstuf the following year.

Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas are writing the script, with Danishka Esterhazy at the helm. The film will get a theatrical release from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment before its TV premiere on SYFY sometime in 2019.