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Everything you need to know about SYFY TZGZ's hellishly hilarious 'Devil May Care,' starring Alan Tudyk


Saturday nights are about to get a lot more hellish when Star Wars and Resident Alien star Alan Tudyk finally introduces us mere mortals to his plan to reinvent eternal damnation. Devil May Care, a new animated addition to SYFY's TZGZ block, premieres at midnight on Feb. 6.

Created by Douglas Goldstein, the series stars Tudyk as the titular Devil and sees the Lord of the Underworld attempting to make Hell better — or maybe worse, depending on which side of the pit you're standing on — in part by hiring a social media coordinator named Beans, played by Asif Ali. If you've ever seen the ways that wannabe tech visionaries disrupt or reinvent things only to make them worse (remember that juice-squeezing machine?) then the idea of startup culture improving Hell makes perfect sense. Fire and brimstone are old-fashioned compared to Shake Weights, fidget spinners, and instant-messaging services with the slogan "show me your chits."

TZGZ, SYFY's late-night animation block, features wild and original shows like Magical Girl Friendship Squad, Wild Life, Hell Den — and soon, Devil May Care. You can watch Devil May Care and other TZGZ shows on linear cable, via the SYFY app, or on demand.

Devil May Care isn't the only place you'll be able to catch Tudyk on SYFY these days, either. In addition to voicing someone who lives down below, he's also playing a character from outer space in Resident Alien, which premieres on Jan. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on SYFY.

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Devil May Care premieres on Feb. 6 at midnight on SYFY as part of TZGZ.

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