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Does Ben Song Make It Home in the Quantum Leap Season 2 Finale?

After two seasons of leaps, does Hannah's code allow Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) to finally make it home?

By Tara Bennett

Spoilers below for Quantum Leap Season 2 and the season finale, "Against Time."

After 31 leaps across time over two seasons of NBC's Quantum Leap revival, the big question that endures is will Dr. Ben Song (Raymond Lee) ever make it back to his time (circa 2025) and his team/family, including former fiancée Addison (Caitlin Bassett), Magic Williams (Ernie Hudson), Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park), and Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee). 

In the later half of Season 2, real hope finally came in the form of Ben's time-crossed colleague, Hannah (Eliza Taylor). A brilliant physicist who connected with Ben across six different leaps, she came to recognize his soul inside another's body, and allowed Ben to finally confide in someone else about his predicament. Hannah spent her own time and research creating a code that would theoretically allow Ben to swap places with another leaper. In the Season 2 finale episode, "Against Time," the HQ Team plugs it into the Quantum Leap system in preparation for a huge twist.

In the Quantum Leap Season 2 finale, Addison decides its time for her own sacrifice

Quantum Leap 213 Addison After Air Only

Season 2 was fraught with change for Addison, as we learned she and the rest of the team spent three years trying to find Ben to no avail. The Quantum Leap Project was shuttered, so she mourned and eventually found love and a new beginning with former colleague, Tom Westfall (Peter Gadiot). And then Ian's tracking code found Ben once more, the Project was restored, and Addison had to navigate her new reality: finding herself in love with two men

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Addison and Ben eventually found peace and forgiveness, with Ben getting the miracle of a new connection in time with Hannah. But over time, Addison called off her hasty engagement to Tom because even he saw that her heart was still drawn to Ben. In the finale, after a timeline adjustment, Ian determines that Hannah's code will allow them to swap a new leaper for Ben, so he can finally come home. It's Addison who determines that she is the best candidate to carry on his sacrifice, and Magic allows it. So, she suits up in the white Quantum Accelerator suit... and leaps.

Dr Ben Song and Hannah Carson on Quantum Leap Episode 213

Does Ben return to his time and the Quantum Leap HQ?

No, Ben doesn't return to his own time in the Season 2 finale. The big plan for Addison to take Ben's place as the leaper seems to have hit a snag. The final scene shows Addison leaping into what looks like a WWII-era town under attack in Europe. After a moment of disorientation, she sees Ben across the street.

They run to each other, embrace and then run from the danger around them. Exactly where they are, and how they are together in a leap seems to be the new mystery they must solve as they continue to correct history, one leap at a time. And this new physics wrinkle will be a lot to unpack back at the HQ. 

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Perhaps Hannah's code unintentionally expanded the scope of leaping, or as Magic mentioned, some higher power guiding the program is going to take advantage to expand on all the good being done by providing for more second chance opportunities across time? There's been no official Season 3 pickup yet for Quantum Leap, but the creative team clearly has a plan that shakes up everything we know about the Quantum Leap Program.

Catch up on the original Quantum Leap series, as well as the new series, both streaming now on Peacock.

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