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SYFY WIRE The Fandom Files

Don't be afraid, monsters need therapy, too [Ep #106]

By Jordan Zakarin
You're Not a Monster

Try not to scream when you see a monster — you might give it a complex. After all, it's probably already in therapy.

Frank Lesser, an Emmy-winning writer on The Colbert Report, has long been obsessed with cinematic monsters, and not just because he likes watching cities get flattened and people screaming in the streets. In fact, in the worlds that he's conjured up, in both his book Sad Monsters and new animated series You're Not a Monster, it's the skyscraper-stompers and creatures of the night dealing with most of the emotional turmoil. If only everyone were so understanding.

Lesser joined The Fandom Files to discuss his psychological study of vampires, beasts, and the undead in a conversation that gleefully veered all over the place, from old NBC sitcoms to Yiddish theater and Gummi Bears. You're Not a Monster, featuring the voices of Kelsey Grammer, Eric Stonestreet, Aparna Nancherla, and a huge number of other comedians, is streaming on IMDb and Amazon right now.

Listen below!

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