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'Don't Breathe 2' opens our eyes to Norman Nordstrom's humanity in exclusive clip from horror sequel

By Josh Weiss
“Slag is Back”: Don’t Breathe 2 home release (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Is Norman Nordstrom of the Don't Breathe universe a hero or a villain? The answer is... it's complicated. The blind badass played by Avatar's Stephen Lang — or "Slang" as the actor prefers to be called — was more of an antagonist in the first entry. Let's not forget that the dude pretty much ruined turkey basters for everyone until the end of time.

But in the sequel, which arrives on DVD early next week, Norman takes center stage as a morally gray antihero protagonist who leaves the safety and comfort of his home for a brutal and John Wick-esque quest of vengeance.

You can learn more about the filmmakers' approach to presenting a different side of Nordstrom in an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip from the impending home release. By no means did co-writers Fede Álvarez and Rodo Sayagues want to excuse his egregious behavior seen in the original movie. The creative duo simply wanted to flesh out the backstory of what they saw as "the most interesting character of Don't Breathe," explains Sayagues (making his directorial debut on this film).

Watch the exclusive featurette below:

“Slag is Back”: Don’t Breathe 2 home release (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

“I think that he has compartmentalized a lot and locked away an awful lot of things,” Lang told SYFY WIRE during an interview ahead of the follow-up's theatrical release back in August. “If he were capable of remorse, he would feel remorse. But at [the beginning of the movie], he is not capable of remorse because it would choke him to death… his sorrow, his regret, his self-loathing would be so great that he wouldn’t be able to breathe at all."

Don't Breathe 2 arrives on DVD next Tuesday, Oct. 26. See below for the list of extra features that await you:

  • "Bad Man (Slang is Back)" - Stephen Lang returns to one of his most dynamic characters but this time as a hero or villain.
  • "Friends & Filmmakers" - Fede & Rodo have been friends and filmmakers a long time and they switched rolls this time around.
  • "Designing Deception" - The filmmakers journey designing the sequel, the style and the stunts.