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'Don't Breathe 2' shows off creative kills with intense, new red-band trailer

By Josh Weiss
Don't Breathe 2

Stephen Lang's Norman Nordstrom isn't playing around in the red-band restricted trailer for Don't Breathe 2. This footage highlights the intense violence contained within the story by showcasing the main character's unique methods for tracking and killing his enemies.

Ever seen a prowler have their mouth and nose plugged up by super glue? You have now! Ever seen a Daredevil-esque antihero shove a rattle down a man's throat so he could accurately hit him with a hammer? You have now! Nordstrom isn't a good guy by any stretch of the imagination, but the dude sure knows how to get revenge in the most creative ways possible. He's like a junkyard dog who's just been let off the chain.

You can watch the trailer below.

However, please be warned that the footage contains language and visuals that may not be suitable for younger viewers...

In Norm's second outing, he embarks on a John Wick-style mission of vengeance when his daughter, Phoenix (Madelyn Grace), is abducted.

“I think that he has compartmentalized a lot and locked away an awful lot of things,” Lang said during an interview with SYFY WIRE. “If he were capable of remorse, he would feel remorse. But at [the beginning of the movie], he is not capable of remorse because it would choke him to death… his sorrow, his regret, his self-loathing would be so great that he wouldn’t be able to breathe at all.”

The sensory sequel, which hits the big screen next week, was directed by Rodo Sayagues — co-writer of the first movie. He also wrote the follow-up alongside the original film's director and co-writer, Fede Álvarez, who returns as a producer. Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are also producers. Lang executive-produces with Nathan Kahane, Joe Drake, Erin Westerman, Andrew Pfeffer, and Rick Jacobson.

"Don’t Breathe 2 is really fascinating, I can’t wait for you to see it. You have no idea what’s coming," Álvarez told us earlier this year. "I just laugh while we make them. I just find it hilarious. My co-writer and I, everything that people find disturbing, we eventually find it hilarious. That’s why I’m laughing about Don’t Breathe 2 [and] what the reaction of the audience will be. As a sequel, it’s just quite different. It has everything you love about the first one, hopefully, but done with a completely different approach, storytelling-wise."

Don't Breathe 2 creeps into theaters next Friday (Aug. 13).

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