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SYFY WIRE Joe Manganiello

Dungeons & Dragons and Joe Manganiello take over the BAIT store during San Diego Comic-Con

By Lisa Granshaw
Death Saves Joe Manganiello San Diego Comic-Con

If you had arrived at the BAIT store in San Diego Saturday afternoon, you would have felt like you rolled a critical hit, because despite the long line of people waiting to enter, once you walked through the door you would have found actor Joe Manganiello behind the register!

Manganiello was helping fans purchase items from his Dungeons & Dragons-inspired fashion brand Death Saves, which celebrated its first anniversary with a takeover of the store along with Dungeons & Dragons that coincided with San Diego Comic-Con. The store was full of apparel from Death Saves’ lines, including tops featuring the classic Demogorgon, a tabloid tee recalling the satanic panic around D&D, a coaches jacket featuring Orcus, their first tank tops, and more new items that you won't be able to find on their website just yet.

Death Saves Joe Manganiello San Diego Comic-Con

Dungeons & Dragons Death Saves San Diego Comic-Con

While Manganiello helped fans level up their fashion at the register, the Dungeons & Dragons team was streaming live on Twitch, featuring interviews and sharing news like a new release set for the fall that will have you scrambling to create a new character just in time! On Oct. 22 Dungeons & Dragons is releasing Tyranny of Dragons, a repackaging of the first two Fifth Edition adventures: Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Rise of Tiamat. Both will be found in this new book, with an alternate cover by Hydro74.

Tyranny of Dragons cover art

D&D fans will recognize the name Tiamat, a five-headed goddess of evil dragons and classic villain in the game. The release is just in time for the fifth anniversary of the release of fifth edition in July 2014.

“We tweaked the beginning of the adventure to make it more accessible to new players as we’ve learned how people interact with our adventures,” Pelham Greene, associate manager of global brand marketing for Wizards of the Coast, told SYFY WIRE.

Dungeons & Dragons Death Saves San Diego Comic-Con

Dungeons & Dragons Death Saves San Diego Comic-Con

So dress in your best Dungeons & Dragons gear and get ready to face possibly your biggest D&D challenge yet this fall!

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