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Elon Musk's 'armored' supertruck met its kryptonite when its windows shattered live on stage

By Jacob Oller
Elon Musk and Cybertruck

Futurism fans may have to wait to drive their own versions of the Batmobile, as the live unveiling of Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck was more memorable for the proposed supercar’s weaknesses than its strengths. The Los Angeles launch event, intended to introduce the line’s first pickup model and inspire pre-orders, featured a test of the truck’s window armor that quickly overshadowed the vehicle’s polygonal design and metallic luster.

As “DEMO TESLA ARMOR GLASS” appeared on screen in red letters, Tesla co-founder and CEO Musk encouraged chief designer Franz von Holzhausen to lob a metal ball at the allegedly bulletproof driver’s side window. It immediately smashed. After a brief outburst from Musk, they tried again with the same side’s rear window. It smashed.

Take a look:

“Oh my f***ing god,” Musk said. “Well, maybe that was a little too hard.” Why did it break? Is von Holzhausen’s fastball that much stronger than a speeding bullet? Even Musk doesn’t know. “We threw everything,” Musk said after the botched demonstration. “We even literally threw the kitchen sink at the glass and it didn’t break. For some weird reason it broke now. I don’t know why.”

The futuristic-looking truck isn’t all just not-so-bulletproof windows: It also claims to run 250 miles on a full charge and to be able to pull almost 4 tons. Those are harder to show on stage, so keep an eye out for early reviews. Until then, those interested in this DeLorean-looking, Batmobile-sounding piece of modern sci-fi can amuse themselves with some of the memes the demo has inspired:

The electric truck is set to go into production in 2021.