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SYFY WIRE Emerald City Comic Con

From Predator to Dr. Zoidberg and all the Spider-People, here's the best cosplay from ECCC 2021

Cosplay photo highlights from Emerald City Comic Con's first physical gathering in almost two years.

By Josh Weiss
2021 Emerald City Comic Con Cosplay

For the first time in almost two years, acolytes of pop culture converged upon the Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend. The in-person gathering featured a number of panels dedicated to some of our favorite properties (like Power Rangers and Avatar: The Airbender to name a few) as well as the usual cosplay creativity we've come to expect from the usual con fanatics.

As you might expect, there were a few Deadpools wandering around the convention center, though our favorite has to be a mashup of Wade Wilson and Jon Snow. And with Spider-Man: No Way Home just a little over a week away from opening in theaters, certain attendees donned their best web-slinging costumes. But come on, those costumes are always evergreen, just like the Predator and Dr. Zoidberg cosplays you can check out in the gallery at the bottom of this article.

"This amazing weekend wouldn't have been anything without all of you," ECCC wrote via its Instagram account.

And you know what? They're right! The trailer reveals, cast interviews, and tables laden with swag are definitely nice, but these conventions would be nothing without the hardcore fans who bring a blazing spark of creativity and imagination to these annual events. The hard work they put into their outfits and costumes is just as commendable as the artists and purveyors hawking their wares on the main floor.

Take a look for yourself:

Don't worry, you won't have to wait an entire year for the next edition of ECCC. ReedPop, the con's organizer, already has the next one scheduled to go down between Aug. 18-21, 2022.