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Enter Jerusalem's Lot in exclusive clip from the next episode of Stephen King series 'Chapelwaite'

By Matthew Jackson

Earlier this year, EPIX launched the eerie period series Chapelwaite, an unexpected but atmospheric Stephen King adaptation that follows a widower haunted by both grief and madness as he returns to his family's ancestral home. Now, a few episodes into the series, the mysteries surrounding the title manor are deepening and darkening — and we have an exclusive clip of what's coming, featuring an iconic King locale.

Chapelwaite follows Charles Boone (Adrien Brody), a sea captain who returns to land after the death of his wife with the hope of raising their children in a more stable home environment. To do this, he takes advantage of his inheritance and moves his family into Chapelwaite, the Boone family estate in Maine, hoping the lumber holdings that come with it will sustain them. Even as Charles tries to stabilize his children's lives with the help of a local governess and writer (Emily Hampshire), though, an old family madness begins plaguing him. What begins as sounds of apparent rats in the house's walls begins to morph into something much stranger, sending Charles on a journey into the heart of his family's past, and potential future, tragedies.

In this week's episode, "The Prophet," Charles' journey and the apparent madness growing out of it will lead him to Jerusalem's Lot, a former family company town (and, we know, past version of 'Salem's Lot) that apparently holds dark secrets connected to past members of the Boone clan. In the exclusive clip below, you'll see Charles' very first encounter with what's left of the town, and it's not pretty.

Adapted from the short story "Jerusalem's Lot," a Lovecraftian tale which appeared in King's 1978 collection Night Shift, Chapelwaite expands upon the original story not just by upping the length, but raising the stakes. In the original tale, Charles Boone arrives at Chapelwaite with a manservant, and only recounts his adventures and ordeals through letters addressed to a man called "Bones." The story is very effective as an homage to Lovecraft's tales of epistolary horror, in which a learned man seems to slowly go mad through his own writings, but the series takes things in a different direction.

Developed for television by Jason and Peter Filardi, the series takes a more ensemble-based approach to the horrors, and adds the element of writer Rebecca Morgan (Hampshire) to the mix. As she begins to care for Boone's children, she also attempts to use the family's troubles in her own writing, creating tension that may yet pay off in the show in unexpected ways. Add in the obvious family dynamics, as Charles tries to protect his children from his family's own generations-long curse, and the show becomes an immersive horror saga that expands well beyond the bounds of the original narrative.

The next episode of Chapelwaite airs Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern on EPIX. Previous episodes are available to stream on-demand and via the EPIX app.