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SYFY WIRE Hello Kitty

Epic crossover pits Mobile Suit Gundam against giant Hello Kitty in space

By Elizabeth Rayne
Hello Kitty vs. Mobile Suit Gundam

If there’s one thing you never knew you needed in your life, it’s a Hello Kitty of huge proportions. In space. Facing off against Amuro Ray’s shocked and terrified face (at least behind the helmet of RX-78).

Because this year marks the 40h anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam and Hello Kitty’s 45th birthday, even though she still looks like she’s five in human years, their overlords Bandai and Sanrio are doing the most out-there collaboration ever. Meaning, Gundam vs. Hello promotional campaigns will be plastered all over Japan—and the internet.

It kind of makes sense if you think about it. Zeon wanted independence from Earth, and Hello Kitty, however kawaii she might be, is an Earthling.

Bandai and Sanrio will make sure this promotion invades every platform you could possibly think of. There will be stickers dedicated to the clash of characters on messaging app LINE, posters, merch, a “real mystery solving game” that will give fans a chance to win ultracool prizes this summer, and film shorts that could possibly destroy your childhood.

The animated shorts are kind of like visual fan fiction imagining what it would be like if Hello Kitty entered the world of Mobile Suit Gundam. The first one starts in Kitty’s painfully cute world, where she’s just watching TV and eating a couple cookies until the TV starts talking to her. She’s weirded out. Somehow you get the feeling that Hello Kitty doesn't watch much sci-fi.

Editor’s note: We really tried to find an English translation, but one doesn’t exist in this universe…yet.


When the TV suddenly switches out the creepy face for RX-78 blasting the crap out of the universe, Kitty gets angry. Kitty gets revved up. Kitty has to rocket into to his world and take him on.

Of course, Amuro thinks the fireball coming for him is just another mecha with an alien trick up its mechanical sleeve, so the way he reacts when he realizes it’s an enormous cartoon cat staring him down.

This should be your warning to never, ever change the channel on Hello Kitty.

(via io9)