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Everything you didn't know about Street Sharks


Everyone remembers the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but only a true child of the '90s will recall the Street Sharks! Because TMNT was such a huge success, there were a legion of imitators, including the Biker Mice From Mars and Battletoads. Street Sharks definitely took its inspiration from the Turtles, but the show and toyline was one of the more successful TMNT-inspired properties.

SYFY WIRE's latest episode of Everything You Didn't Know is throwing the spotlight on the Street Sharks. Naturally, we couldn't resist a chance to bring out Vin Diesel's Street Sharks promo video, which was recorded very early in his career. In fact, you'll even get to see our modern-day update of Diesel's promo! You'll also find that some of the character details changed from Diesel's video before they were introduced as toys and cartoon characters.

And oh, what characters they were. The Bolton brothers — Ripster, Jab, Streex, and Big Slammu — had larger-than-life personas ... that also seemed to liberally borrow from the TMNT's core four. And while the Street Sharks were largely at peace with their transformations, their mutations are straight out of a David Cronenberg film. It's really quite disturbing, even through the lens of a children's TV animation series.

Although the show only ran for 40 episodes, the Street Sharks toys were a massive success. Plus, they were pretty cool figures. We totally get why Vin Diesel was so excited in that video. But even the Street Sharks had a limited shelf life before they were forced to share the spotlight with the Dino Vengers. We wish that was a joke.

For Jawsome details about the Street Sharks, check out the full video!